Sean Kingston Sued By Another Jeweler Over Rolex

Sean Kingston has another lawsuit on his hands from yet another jeweler. The reggae/pop singer found himself in more hot water after he allegedly took a pricey Rolex and a diamond bracelet from a jeweler with the intentions to pay for them the next day.

Seems he was not forthcoming with the payments so now Haimov Jewelers in Florida is suing him to recover the cost of the fancy jewels, according to TMZ. The Rolex cost $59,000 and the balance owed was $25,000. While the bracelet cost $19,000.

This is the latest in a slew of accusations against Kingston, who has been accused several times over the last few years of not paying his tab for jewelry and clubbing.

Last year he was sued for rocking up a jewelry tab of $226k between 2008-2013. He also had his Bentley and Lamborghini repossessed.

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  1. Black men seem to have a penchant for over-acessorizing.