Karrueche Tran “There Is No Chance Of A Chris Brown Reunion”

Karrueche Tran is making it very clear that there is no chance of a reunion for herself and Chris Brown.

A persistent paparazzo caught up with Tran at a Los Angeles restaurant while she was having lunch with one of her friends and asked her if there is a chance that she and Breezy might get back together.

“Nope,” she responded bluntly.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran In Bitter Feud On Instagram

Seems like their bitter feud on Instagram last week was the last straw for Karrueche Tran who has been split from the R&B singer for over a year now.

Sources are saying that Chris Brown tried to contact his ex-girlfriend following their recent feud but she shut him down.

“He called her and text her trying to apologize but it reached a point where she is over the BS and the drama with him,” sources said. “He never quits no matter how much she told him to leave her alone. This should be very clear now that he needs to move on.”

Chris Brown recently released the remix for his single “Back To Sleep” with Usher and Zayne where he mentioned Karrueche by name. That stunt clearly didn’t work out too well for him.

Karrueche Tran also says that Chris Brown is just another bitter ex who can’t get his way with her so he resort to bashing her on social media. Since their running on IG, Breezy fans have been trolling Tran on her social media account but she says that she is use to it.

“She is use to all the trolls by now because that has been going on for a while,” sources revealed. “In the entertainment business you have to develop a thick skin or else you will break.

Both Karrueche and Chris Brown have maintained that they are single since their split last year.


  1. Seriously???? Really desperate to hang on to that 15 mins…