Royce Da 5’9″ – Dead President Heads Lyrics

We in here counting dead president heads
Up in the years, it’s been up in the mills of dead president heads and counting
They put pictures of dead president heads on green, long papers
When went and put dead president heads on mountains
How we ain’t gon make it?
You know what

I went from women asking what’s the scent of your fragrance? To center of attention
To dinners in Vegas, then all the way to Japan racking up yen
Now I’m all the way back
And I’m acting like Dennis in Vegas, stacking up wins
I’m a young black boy, armed, dangerous
To those who want to come and try harm or change him
While they’re living in anguish, while I’m living in real ni**a harmony
Energy around me blend together like falsettos, tenors, and bass
All intelligence is on God level
All memories formed in melodies from the 70s
And all hail to all dinners and plates
And all hail to the cartels, and we out on a yacht
And you know how we know that we are and you not?
Because y’all are looking at our sales
I’m a motherf**king one-man army
I’m more than all, I put the our in our sales
Uh, I’m the one they can’t generalize
Every time I come through straight, their wave minimize
Why? It’s probably cause I gun through faith, gave enterprise
Ni**as get crowned quick these days
Street this, best this, king that, we ain’t seen that
All we see around your clique is squad cars
Ni**as need to be crown vicked these days
Stop kicking it, you couldn’t fit in my old socks
Let alone my shoes
I’m not a street ni**a, I’m just a chip off the old block
I ain’t rocked with an entourage since 07
Ni**as dissed Marshall after they copy his whole reference
Like we won’t send an actual firing squad to their studio
That will Basquiat their whole session
A lot of ni**as dope, but none concern me though
I got that Pac, Big L, Pun eternity flow
I got that blowing that weed, taking that last drag in
And tossed in the infirmary glow
I’ll hit your broad in the gall bladder with this ball dagger
Have her hollering not the knife til she having an orgasm
And all of her juices is haul-assing down the thighs
God dropped me off in the drop with the crossroads with crossed toes and dotted eyes
I’m not alive, I wasn’t born, I got a ride
Uh, get your popcorn, idolize cause I’ve arrived
This is Cam Newton throwing bullets with the band shooting
This is beat submission from Bas Rutten
This the…edition of
Ni**a, pay your dues, you’re past due here
This cash rules, you’re looking at the wrong paper, this bad news
Relax junior, you still think you’re in high school
But you’re not, but you will be looking at your last new year
Ha, boo-ya, bombs over Baghdad
Compliments since 7 Mile, Fenkell Ave, Cash and Poo Bear
With the residents just go blasting through there
I ain’t stressing bout none of you poindexter responses
I ain’t tongue wrestling with no artist unless it’s Ashanti
Ni**a this, God, Gandhi, Kevlon labcoat
Mixed together with leather bathrobes like Plies and Fonzi
Cool science, I’m around lions and giants
You there, Ryan’s here
No one can hear you crying where I’m at, the highest tier
One diss track could tear your whole act up like the Flatbush Zombies
Whipping the Mac truck with Travis Scott, hitting your Macbook
I’m not a pioneer, I’m the last of a dying prayer
Living in forever, ever, ever, ever, ever in laughter
And ever since that heffer put me on MediaTakeOut
I ain’t f***ed a basic bi**h since
I got sophisticated bi**hes coming to my place asking is it safe to sit?
I said, only if you have to take a s**t
Country chick named Delores, I let her sit on this Mason d**k
Rappers blew up and get to shouting out designers
I like to thank my notebook, it got me out of the binders
Blacks never had each other’s backs
Rappers saying All Lives Matter? Okay, now we’re actually spineless
I’m into psychology nowadays, she say she bad
I’ll probably brainwash her like Hollywood to Stacey Dash
A lot of guys out slanging for a belt buckle like Pootie Tang
5’9 the illest MC of all time right now and all the time
Kneel right in front of me like feel sobriety, young’n, or fall in line
Uh, right now, I’m piranha dipping in waters or Flint with the Slaughters and Em
Come on in, dummy, the water’s fine
Sniff around, I smell just like money, I ain’t hard to find
I’m doing big things
This bi**h asked me do I have at least 50 shades
Just the other day
I said, come here, let me kick game
I got more than 50 shades and just grey is the colorway
I game my momma a pic of myself in a big frame
And a card that said bi**h, I’m Rick James for Mother’s Day
Uh, I just thank the Lord and pray for more
I just lifted the skirt of the show
I don’t really care how you’re dressing
Ni**a, I…