Kalado – Sexcited Lyrics

Am not f**king with your feelings
When am f**king am feeling

I got something about you
Not something I doubt
F**k feeling, sexcited

When am thinking about
Am not thinking I doubt it
Sucession, with a little expression

(Verse 1)
Love f**king
Please don’t wake me
Love f**king me
You ok baby

Baby, we celebrating
The f**k is good
You good, f**king good

Me a the man fi keep you cockupie
And the breast forever keep you satisfied
Meck wi cross da T deh, then wi dot the eye
Punanny gratitude, buddy gratify

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Let me take you up for a moment
Then make you count
You punny
Eyes wide open
Am in your places
Cool like AC’S
Men’t to be from baby a s**k breast
Lay you down, you nuh haffi wonder what up next
Right a the wire, matie cut left
And baby when mi come together what a brukness

(Repeat Chorus)