Chronixx Talks Meaning Of Reggae and Joey Bada$$ Collaboration

Chronixx is one of the most successful roots reggae singers out of Jamaica over the last decade.

The singer has been widely hailed as one of the most promising young acts in the current generation of reggae musicians.

Speaking with Gibbo on his radio show, Chronixx opened up about the meaning of reggae, as we as, working with rapper Joey Bada$$ on his latest mixtape.

“Reggae is a really hard thing to find a definition for,” the singer said. “Our music was created out of spirituality and struggles and happiness and our experiences as a people and that is a very in-dept story by itself. Reggae was created out of a unique situation by unique people and its a very wide thing.”

Chronixx also mention Toots Hibert who he calls one of the architect of reggae music. He also praised other musicians like Sly Dunbar.

Last year Chronixx collaborated with rapper Joey Bada$$ whose father is Jamaican and mother from St. Lucia. The reggae star goes in dept on how the collaboration came about.

Watch the interview below.