Young Roc – This Is Why I Never Sleep Lyrics

Baby Do You Like Me Now
Baby Do You Like Me Now
Don’t be on that bullsh*t ni**a!

All I f**king think about 2x
Poolside poolside 2x
Do or die do or die 2x
This is why I never sleep 4x

(Verse 1)
All I f**king think about
Sippn water in a drought
Palms itching Money Mission
Overcoming all the doubts
Prolly thought I wasn’t sh*t
Till a ni**a made the list
City full of hypocrites
Ni**as faker than the list
All my beats are a one of one
All my flows are a one of one
Don’t compare me to the runner ups
When gone see when the summer come
Prolly wrote for ya favorite artist
On the bible chillen wit my idols
Prolly write for that ni**a Aubrey
Talking jimmy from degrassi

I ain’t no time, i ain’t nooo x4
Tell me how you like me now x4

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I’m a sighting and a glimpse of the imminent
In a sense Been a menace I been a threat
Paradox in a vortex I’m infinite
In the beginning like porter n and Eminem
Proof too
I revive all the motivated
Lost souls and fovever waited
Chained to the fact they never made it
I’m fortified, though many forces I been denied
The fortune behind my fortress is invisible to the naked eye
Are limits ain’t the sky
Sky blue money too
Ben frank looking so sad
Im a concentrated Michael Jackson
When subtracting all the F**king dancing