Konshens Says His Best Friend Was Not Murdered

Konshens has denied reports that his best friend was murdered in Kingston.

The dancehall deejay is responding to a recent news that an affiliate of his Subkonshus label was killed last week. Sources told Urban Islandz that a member of Konshens label name Bunup was killed in Half Way Tree over a dispute involving a car.

But according to the deejay, Bunup is not his best friend but more of an associate, but he is still very hurt by his death.

Konshens recently donated 100 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan. That city is going through an extreme water crisis where lead and other poisonous chemicals have been detected in their tap water as a result of aging pipes.



  1. This ni**a a clown, a donate watsr to people in America. Pu**y the government will handle that kind of problems. Why didn’t you donate the bottles of water to some of the power in Jamaica???? Man mi a tell you about some Jamaicans. Anything fi look a hype in a American. Am also living in a American.

  2. When will all this violence in Jamaica stop. All these senseless killings.