Lil Durk – If I Could Lyrics

Damn to this day ni**a still pray on my down fall
You can’t deny good music or a real ni**a
For real for real

I used to break in the crib now I got a safe in the crib
Chiraq crime rate build so it ain’t safe at the crib
I just want money forever told em that’s how Imma live
Shootings and murders I seen I ain’t never say I did it
As a kid growing up
As a kid growing up
As a kid growing up
I done seen a lot of s**t
As a kid growing up
As a kid growing up
As a kid growing up
I done did a lot of s**t

(Verse 1)
I done seen how you shoot ni**as
Now I see right through people
Three years of my life to them people
Judge labeled me a menace
I might grind to them people
I gotta ride around with my heater
Police killing my people
Overseas cause I’m legal
I ain’t taking no chances
Masks on for them cameras
On my own no advances
Broken homes for advances
As a kid growing up
I used to be poured up
I ain’t never froze up
All I know is drill drill
Put him on a poster
Reward money for the killer
They ain’t never found the killer
Don’t nobody know nothing
I rob ni**as for they tool
Brought guns up in school
Started a war got to move
Free nine boy let em loose

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Put a ni**a on the news
I’m in traffic with the tool
Three cases Imma fool
Gave my life to a Jew
In the hand of a Jew
Shooters took him on a cruise
Streets see how I roll
Still trying to get Zoo
Still chasing them millions
Daddy gave me the wisdom
Twenty three years up in prison
I swear I seen his vision
Seen my son I start tearing
I took the game it wasn’t given
Ditched school hit the hood
The streets love me I’m good
Shed tears if I could
Shed blood if I could
Shared money if I could
Shared guns if I could
Sell coke if I could
Sell dope if I could
I’d rob if I could
I’m getting money cause I could

(Repeat Chorus)