Elephant Man Denies Arrest Over Child Support

Elephant Man is dismissing reports that he was arrested for not paying child support payments.

News surfaced online last Friday claiming that the dancehall veteran was taken into custody for not paying child support for several of his kids.

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“False news as usual,” a rep for the deejay told us. “Ele take care of all of his kids so no no arrest or anything like that the deejay is overseas.”

Ele, whose real name is O’Neil Bryan, has over 20 kids, some of whom are adults.

Elephant Man was scheduled to perform in Ghana for “Pulls Turn Up” over the weekend but did not show up for the performance.


  1. @ Kin Just because you have a c##k doesn’t mean you have to be so careless. 20+ kids? Idiot probably wasn’t wearing a condom and leaking every where. Keep thinking like that and you’re going to end up on the child support plantation. ?

  2. I reckon elephant man was just tryna have sex and these baby mothers were just irresponsible enough to have this dude baby because there breeding machines. These baby mother chose to get pregnant dispite all the choices they had not to have kids. JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT A D**k in you dont me that you have to have a baby.

  3. He should be arrested for having that many children.

  4. Ele yo look greedy in that pic. But you should take care of your 30 kids.