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Drake & Rihanna Secretly Dating Again and Travis Scott Throws Angry Tantrum

Seems Rihanna and Drake are not just collaborators again. Sources are telling us that the old flames are secretly banging, oops I mean dating again.

Both RiRi and Drizzy are currently on fire with their new dancehall joint “Work,” off her new album ANTI. The song tops Billboard Hot 100 for the second week now. The pair also performed the track on last month’s Brit Awards.

“They (Rihanna and Drake) are definitely hooking up again but I guess they are keeping it out of the public eye,” sources close to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz. “They always have a chemistry and sometimes it just take them to cross path again to spark that fire. Plus a lot of her friends like Drake and see them as a great couple like a real power couple.”

Seems Travis Scott is not liking the inevitable because on Thursday night he went on Snapchat to throw a tantrum at Drake.

“6God gotta work work more,” Scott said on Snapchat before adding, “F*** 6GOD.”

“Bout to pull a Chris brown on this ni***,” he added.

“She wants the flame not no emotional ni***,” the rapper continues.

Travis Scott and Rihanna started dating in the summer of last year while he was helping her with her album. Although things were never serious between the two, RiRI pulled the plug on the relationship in November after the Rodeo rapper became too attached.

Seems someone didn’t like what they saw in “Work” music video. Our ever so reliable sources told us that Travis Scott is definitely angry about how close Rihanna and Drake have been getting.

“He is just in his feelings about how close they have been getting but at the same time he (Travis Scott) and RiRi were not in a serious relationship, he is more like a friend zone guy that got lucky,” sources said.

All these guys fighting over Rihanna good good, but they got to work work work work.


  1. travis scott out of his league. he can’t even talk right, look up one of his interviews.

  2. Drake been smashing Rihanna from before the Work video. This coon Travis Scott didnt stand a chance.

  3. ArkhamKnighte88

    this is all lies!!! how are they together when she’s in L.A. and he’s in the U.K. signing some rap deal??? Her and travis never went out because that was a publicity stunt by kanye to promote HIS artist travis! Travis knows this is all fake because it was to help boost his sales and he also said that was NOT his snap chat account that said those lies!!! And she and drake NEVER had chemistry because this all looks good in front of the fans and it sells records because it’s a PUBLICITY STUNT!!! And drake only wrote songs about her because he was trying to ride her wave to fame!!! drake is fake and will never be a great artist! his only number one singles were the ones he did with her so there’s the proof he’s a walk ass artist!!! nice story but it’s still all lies!!!

    • Do your homework boy hes had more hits than just with her

      • if you go to the billboards website and type in drake, and click on “peak” you will see he has NO number 1 hits! all he has is number “2” hits!!! AT PEAK!!! So yeah, i did do my homework. Did you????

  4. Whose life is it anyway? RI live your life and let the Haters have a stroke.

  5. She will never say that had anything with Travis and this is her fault have given hopes for him. She never even claimed Drake, she always said they were only friends whereas he wrote several songs for/about her.
    But If so I would be happy for Drake, he’s my fave music artist and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

  6. ‘Well I wouldn’t bank on any serious relationship, look at their past history. Just want Drake to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!