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Sean Paul The King of Dancehall Says Billboard, Not Vybz Kartel or Beenie Man

Is Sean Paul the king of dancehall?

That is the question a lot of dancehall fans are asking today after Billboard ran an interesting article about Rihanna’s new song “Work” and it’s impact on dancehall.

In the same article, Billboard refers to Sean Paul as the dancehall king, a bold statement that has not been going down well with a lot of lovers of the genre on social media.

Rihanna Wanted Vybz Kartel & Popcaan For “Work” Instead in Place of Drake

For years Beenie Man has bestowed the title upon himself and in recent years fans of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel regularly voiced their opinion about him being the dancehall king.

“I don’t think the Billboard is right on this one,” Gregory Isaacs brother/manager, Ruddy Isaacs said. “Man like Josey Wales and Brigadier Jerry, those men are the real heroes in dancehall. Man like Shabba Ranks and Ninjaman grow up on the sound systems and deserves credit too, but, for me the real king a still Yellow Man.”

If not Sean Paul then who is the king of dancehall?

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  1. Kartel is undisputed! Sean Paul is also awesome – but Kartel is a lyrical genius! Besides, that billboard was created and written by who???…. EXACTLY! lol

  2. Jerome Guetta Roopchand

    i agree Vybz is King!

  3. Addi mi seh..Gaza 4 life..truly&really

  4. kartel ah di dancehall soul

  5. Vybz kartel adi dancehall king no more talk bout dat.

  6. worldboss up never get down.vybz is d king of dancehall,believe me

  7. true talk nuh lie,vybz is d king yow give him his crown

  8. Gaza kartel de king

  9. A king reigns for a time. There have been many kings in Dancehall.

  10. kartel worlboss

  11. No No No Sean! You are not the king. Sure you got pretty lilly skin like Worl Boss, but you ain’t the king of dancehall – that title goes to Jamaica’s very own Michael Jackson, Addi the Teacher – yes Vibes Kartel. He got more names than you anyway so that’s shows he’s bigger.

  12. vybz kartel di king+legend

  13. i hate how artist are rated on how much they sell and how mainstream they are instead of talent…sean paul is liiiiiiightyears behind kartel when it come to making real and good music.

  14. VIKING vybz is king

  15. Sean Paul a big artiste but Vybz Is King

  16. Sean Paul Di King!

  17. vybz Kartel is tha real dancehall..

  18. vybz kartel is the king. Still enjoying his music titled “without money. “

  19. the doc is the king fi dancehall shabba was the king

  20. this guys are really sick they must be the biggest joke that have ever heard Sean Paul really? the king is VYBZ KARTEL STRIE.

  21. Kartel is a genre kartel is dancehall

  22. Take any artist to jail for 5 FIVE YEARS and lets see if they can maintain Vybz Kartel is not a king he is more than that f*** the grammys and biillboard VYBZ KARTEL IS A GENRE VYBZ KARTEL IS DANCEHALL

  23. kartel is the dancehall king Nuh long talk

  24. sean paul is a legend in his own right, beenie man is definitely a heavyweight & superpower & force to be reckoned with no doubt. but kartel is the king. when u call him name a dancehall u call. kartel is respected both in and out the diaspora, dancehall rates kartel and the artists that dont rate him have a personal issue with him but them cyah go round his talent n skill, beenie, sean paul, shaggy, bounty, etc, most giants r8 kartel, the only ones who dont are for personal reasons. point blank vybz is king, and its no doubt that kartel is capable of winning a grammy, he has enough talent and then-some for that, anybody can see that, no real argument there.

  25. Worl boss ah lock africa like him pay for a safe

    f*** billboard

  26. Vybz Kartel Is The Dancehall King Till When He Dies

  27. Dancehall king should be the person who mash up yard and foreign Sean Paul mash foreign him don’t mash up yard, Shaggy same thing like Sean Paul. Now the three Dj that people love a foreign are Yellow man, Beenie man and Shabba. Now this is how it go, yellow never received a Grammy so Yellow out, Shabba get is Grammy and him mash up yard and foreign but it seem like he is chilling we don’t hear from him in a while. Only been man still standing still making hit and people love him a yard and foreign so the King of dancehall is The Dr

  28. It’s billboard -_- who cares what they think. They are white washed probably don’t even know who Vybz Kartel is and probably don’t even listen to dancehall themselves lol why sweat it ?

  29. Beenie man is the king of dancehall and will always be !.

  30. Vybz Kartel is the king of dancehall Sean Paul never pick