Assassin ‘Reggaetivity’ Debut On Billboard and iTunes Chart

Assassin, aka Agent Sasco, new album Theory of Reggaetivity has debut on Billboard 200 and iTunes reggae chart.

This will mark the first album for the dancehall veteran to chart on Billboard after making it to No. 3. The 14-track project was released under the deejay’s own label Sound H Entertainment and saw production credits from Notice Productions, Chimney Records, Lifeline Music, Ranch Entertainment, Sound Check, and more.

“It’s incredible to know that the album is doing well on the Billboard chart as well as on iTunes,” Assassin said. “Working on this album was about having fun and concentrating on the creation, and not tying it to any outcome. For me, it was about the process.”

Before dropping Theory of Reggaetivity, Assassin released two other albums a decade ago. In 2005 he released his debut Infiltration and two years later in 2007 he dropped his sophomore album Gully Sit’n.

Get more details about Theory of Reggaetivity here.

Assassin Drop New Album “Theory of Reggaetivity” (Stream + DL)