Mavado – So Bazzel Lyrics

When life sweet
Beg you look out fi the ants dem
Anything weh sell out dem a one spend
Mi nuh fi get a one shirt and one pants when
Brand new sweet anthem

Da one yah name so bazzle
Step out mi so bazzle
You haffi clean as a role-model

Right now mi so bazzle
Fresh and mi so bazzle
A this mi have the whole globe a do

(Verse 1)
Gyal a call mi name all over the ocean
The G smooth pon dem skin like lotion
Magnum tiger bore we the chosen
A we every rich bwoy gyal a choke pon
We the great one, me dem a debate pon
Mi get the snake from
SUpn hot in a dem belly than satan
So dem vex
Mi nuh know wa mi do dem in a life
A mussi that meck dem nuh waan fi see mi strive
Tell a enemy go s**k you mumma twice
Real talk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yard gyal a seh dem nuh si mi so long
England gyal nuh see me so long
Canadian gyal nuh see me so long
But dem still a hold on to the pro man
Style fresh like the river down a Portland
So bazzle pon the riddim mi a flow pon
Smoke weed get high a mi slogan
Three wheel sling shot mi a sport pon
Man specialize in chilling with a girl and catch a night
Everybody know me am so special like
Just lock a show and go catch a flight

(Repeat Chorus)