Gully Bop Seeking New Manager To Invest In His Career

Gully Bop is looking to amp up his career but he needs a new manager to invest time and resources to help him reach the next level.

Bop shot to dancehall stardom over a year ago thanks to a viral video, but he has been seeing his popularity dwindling in recent months, an issue that he is blaming on a lack of management.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Rekindles Relationship, Engagement Back On

The deejay says that Carl Durrant is currently not his manager, but more of a booking and PR agent. Shauna Chin has also been busy doing her own thing since their fallout in January.

“A PR rep different from a manager, I don’t really have a manager,” Gully Bop said about Carl Durrant. “If you do bookings for me and you do PR work for me then you is not my manager. I just want a big top manager you understand.”

Gully Bop also said that from his rise to dancehall stardom he has never really has a manager.



  1. rip his career

  2. RIP his career, fun while it lasted

  3. No one in the biz really want the job.Too much scandal comes with the position and back stabbing.The ship is sinking fast despite the 2 or 3weekly tracks that this artist release each week.The ship is sinking rapidly.

  4. wheel and fawud yah now bop, do u thing proppa my yute

  5. Hopefully, this isn’t the end. He doesn’t deserve to return to poverty.