Mannie Fresh – Hate ft. Juvenile , Birdman & Lil Wayne Lyrics

(Intro – Mannie Fresh & Birdman)
Aye, aye, Fresh, Stunna Man, we back at it daddy
Them ni**as be hating on me man
2016, summertime shine, stunting on em
Let me tell you the type of s**t they say about me

(Chorus – Juvenile)
They say f**k you ni**a, hate you ni**a, hope you die
Hope you catch the stroke and nobody know why
I’ma stay connected like the wifi
Need her like a 64 gig iPod pu**y ni**a
Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Gon head on and Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

(Verse 1 – Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne & Juvenile)
When I get this money I’ma kill em
20/20 vision to ni**as who ain’t want to see me with it
Ni**a f**k ya
Don’t make my trigger smart ni**as go dumb-dumb
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Take me where these hoes at, Adderall and Prozac
I’m so f**king focused in this bi**h I just can’t hold back
Tell em bring that money bag, beast mode, running back
Big Tymer, Ferragamo, Juvinino where you at?
All I do is get it, dude you never get it
You be in your feelin’s too, my dude you’re so pathetic
You got too much sugar in your blood, diabetic
You’re sick you got the hate disease and I ain’t tryna get it, no
Mixing Cristal and Ciroc
I need a name for it, call it Chris Rock
I’m in this motherf**ker looking like a pile of some guap
Come make a name for yourself and pu**y pop, pu**y pop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne & Juvenile)
Ni**a got your old girl napping with the whole world
Trust me, just me, referee and blow girl
That’s that boy BM, hit me in the DM
Bust that f**king pu**y wide open AM to the PM
But that’s another story though and I ain’t tryna tell it
Now it’s on, now you’re hanging out with dime rock Betty
And Betty she don’t know no better, shoot up dope or smoke whatever
Used to be my homie, now you’re mad cause we don’t roll together?
We’re the real ni**a
And I don’t give a f**k if they was real sisters
These ni**as think they on, hit the kill switches
Money coming bi**h, my palms and my heels itching, yeah yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne & Juvenile)
You be hating on a ni**a like police ni**a
You be barking, you ain’t nothing but a Maltise ni**a
When these sharks out, we’ll see you they’ll be your teeth ni**a
It’s Tune and Juvie we got Mannie on the beat ni**a
You M-A-D ni**a, yeah
You don’t want to see me with a dime out
You don’t want to say that I couldn’t afford sh*t
You don’t even have a watch to tell the time now
And I got 20 karats in my Rolex
Ni**a lean with it, ni**a rock with it
That’s some lean double cup with Ciroc with it
Ni**a lean with it, ni**a rock with it
We got Mannie on the beat, bop-bop-bop with it
Shots fired, somebody ran up in Juvie house
That’s far sober enough to have ni**as spooking out
And I got homies round that I got love for
But ni**as go through sh*t so I don’t root em out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Birdman)
Yeah, yeah, we back at it daddy
Stunna man, you know there’s always that one that’ll hate
Till you put a choppa in his face, you dig?
Fresh you’re a fool with it