A$AP MOB – Hella Hoes ft. A$AP Ferg , A$AP Twelvyy , A$AP Nast , A$AP Rocky , A$ton Matthews & Danny Brown (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – A$AP Nast)
Hoes, I got hella hoes
I got hoes, I got hella hoes
I got hoes, and I’m selling dope
And I just bought that chopper and that pistol with the scope

(Chorus – A$AP Nast)
Hoes, I got hella hoes
I got hoes, I got hella hoes
I got hoes, and I’m selling dope
And I just bought a chopper, let that pu*** ni**a know
I got

(Verse 1 – A$AP Twelvyy)
I got a start in these streets, extra hard for these hoes
We move hard in these streets, young God, X’in them O’s
I’m like God in these streets, got a tech in my coat
I go hard in these streets, Johnny Depp with the blow
I flip nickels and O’s, I flip powder in bass
I done shoveled the snow, I done showered the state
See them flowers gone grow and the power gon raise
And we came through the door, here we got us a race

(Verse 2 – A$AP Ferg)
All these diamonds in my teeth
I’m gone off a gallon of Hennessy
Better let your bi**h go cause she’s feeling me
And besides she a ho, she f**ked him and me
And I gave her the beast like I’m Timothy
Moonwalk in that pu**y like Billie Jean
And I open your chest like you Janet Jackson
And I blam-blam like you Timberlake
I put him in a lake and I penetrate
Let it sit in your face like a dinner date
Then bust open your grill, let it ventilate
And my ni**as is killers, what can I say?
With a crew of gorillas like 50 Cent
And they peeling bananas, no dinner plate
And I’m only gone ride with my syndicate
A$AP til I die, ni**a, period

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – A$AP Rocky)
Uh, pretty mothaf**ka, pull up in this bi**h like
Uh, jiggy mothaf**ka, hella hoes on my d**k like
Uh, really with the s**t, if a ni**a trip, loading up the clip
Never slip, tight, never sleep, finna let it rip in this bi**h like
Pistols popping, pussies dropping
Ni**as copping, bottles popping
Roxies chopping, Oxycontin, word to A$AP Lotto
Live down Collins mobbing slow
Syrup got me throwed, mouth is full of gold
If I overdose, just let em know
Alright, I got hella hoes

(Verse 4 – A$ton Matthews)
In the function you a soldier
Got that clap clap like the ‘Nolia
When them cets fly off the corner
Lil homie out the window, you’s a goner
When I blow, the gangstas get at me
West side bussing if they come at me
Taking all things and giving no presents
F**k rapping, word up and you see how sh*t happens
Drop a deuce, watch you lean low
Got some cholos with the beams on
Got some crip ni**as, need this thing gone
But I woo mine, but I knew that
I’m Shawn Michaels with the weapon drawn
Steady swing til your neck is gone
Watch your mouth and the toes that you’re stepping on
This young brick flip Chapo
Raring, cutthroat gang, them choppers flaring, ni**a

(Verse 5 – Danny Brown)
Scary, ni**a, bury Swisher
Cause I’m just like fairy sister
Flip it like the..of
It’s the Mr. Black, I’ll hit you ni**as, bury ni**as
You ain’t f**king with me like Mary, ni**a
Your uncle, cousin, brother, best friend carry you, ni**a
Since I’m like Uncle Phil in the pool hall
Eight ball in a tube sock, new yacht
Think I had the Glock, got me like a screw shawk
Saw me shut it down if they think we too soft
Ball like Chris Paul, Paul George shot
Playing with afford that grow in my car
Ball like whipping up work on the south
Speaking of Os, know my ni**a got hoes
Os, I got hoes

(Repeat Chorus)