Wayne Wonder – Real Life Lyrics

It’s real life
Naw go tek no check
Naw go leave the intro-tech

It’s real life
Haffi defend mi place
Naw hesitate, cause bwoy wi think a easy take

Dem wi try nam you food
Dem wi try nam you food
Got to be ready, ready

Dem wi try nam you food
Dem wi try nam you food
That’s why mi roll heavy

(Verse 1)
The youths now a days a buss it up
Dem nuh cater
Dem nuh business wa dem do
And dem nuh care about whatever
Kartel a do 35 years down under the cella
Police murder Miller wid a brand new Berita
It wanted and people take it for a pleasure
You know a sure bad weather
Like bird wi a pick out bwoy feather
Pon him skin and turn it black like a leather
Check seh in a the gully man a buss him squaddy
Smile Orange a mash a works you know that in a public
Gi weh fi life….nuh bow down nuh funny
Same bass and red bike dem fling down Spechy
Dem turn on the agony

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)

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