Masicka – Fly Ova Dem Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Never see nobody when mi hungry
Watch dem a call-call mi name
Dem use to call mi cruff
Seet deh mi gi her mi last
Go round the boss same way
Shi f**k up the trust

Mi a pree food fi the whole a wi
But you waan nam my food
Waan mi bite the dusk
A just the same thing
Friend waan you drop in a the grave king
Life journey begin

You see thins world we live in
People a trust people
Dem don’t waan you win
You a go see some a the finish line
A beg you a thing

Granny seh fi humble
Lazy a sin
Mi nuh watch people
Mi deh yah pon the hustling

Weh dem a do?
Fly over dem

Weh dem a do?
Fly over dem

(Verse 2)
Jordan, dem never see the work
Fight weh mi fight
And time weh mi spend
Red eye waan see you life end
Waan stop the likkle blessing dem weh Jah-Jah send
Hypocrite style naw dweet no
Man grow fi survive in a the street
Seh anything you waan
You naw kill mi
Life don’t cheap

(Repeat Chorus)