Kabaka Pyramid – Wake Up & See Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Who profit from the wars in a the middle east
A who sell the guns weh the kids a squeeze
People a bwal wi nuh see no peace
Blood a flow like the river streams

People nuh waan hear the truth again
When it in-front yo face in a the movie dem
Is like a chest game, and a one man moving dem

Mi waan know when we gonna wake up and see
It’s all apart of your plan
Dem system nuh cater fi we
Mi waan know when we gonna wake up and see

But dem judgements a go fall like rain
Beg unuh fi listen wa the DJ say

(Verse 2)
War is a thing weh billions a spend pon
Peace is a thing weh dem cyaa meck a cent from
Ask dem what a dem honest intention
A gun trade weh the world powers dem a depend pon
Why you think so much war pon the continent
And destabilization a prominent
Who own the resources and all the factory dem?
Dem thing deh a nuh accident

(Repeat Chorus)

Dem tell we is a new world order
One set a man a order the world
Is a nuclear order
Dem at war with the world
Dem a use fear on yah
Poison the boys and the girls
And dem a blame terrorist
But the truth dem naw tell you this

(Repeat Chorus)