A$AP Twelvyy – Lords Never Worry ft. A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast Lyrics

I get my breath together, drop that sh*t

(Verse 1 – A$AP Nast)
From a crack hole down in hell’s gates
To a new breathe of air and a brighter day
It some lighter way
I feel good enough to buy a bunch of real estate
Move my momma outta state
Why? Cause this the new power anthem
And ni**a, we the new Black Panthers, bi**h
Get your hands up, we in it for the ransom
Money, power, respect, blocks gave us the answer
New world order s**t, always strive and prosper
I know God is watching over me
Wash away my sins now I’m in this bi**h a longer stay
A$AP ni**a, tell my gonzo that I’m on my way
In a hurry, f**k a hater, I just gotta tie my lace
Close my eyes, I’m outer-space
Huh, cause this the new power anthem
And ni**a we the new Black Panthers
Bi**h get your hands up
Yeah, they say lords never worry
Real lords never worry, real lords never worry, not
Kill y’all, never worry
Real lords never worry, hard on February, huh
Ugh, we the new Black Panthers, yeah
We the new Black Panthers, real lords never worry

(Verse 2 – A$AP Twelvyy)
I bet the Lord never worried
Couple ni**as buried
Man the good die young, gun shots and it’s blurry
So I’m off in a hurry
I ain’t forcing no jerk to convince me
Trill s**t, I’m tryna stay pig free
Got a budget for the lawyer, it’s my freedom on the corner
It ain’t worth it, making history is more important
My thoughts is soaring, smoking power
Mighty Morphing tripped the vegee in the morning
Getting jiggy with a foreign
Look I just finished touring, world wide residential
All started with a pencil, now my suites presidential
Layed up with a bad bi**h that never had s**t
All these bags and gold, she think I’m mad rich
Now I’m average, simple and I’m humble
Bring your cameras to the hood, taking pictures of the jungle
Man it’s all thugs out here, all Bloods out here
You with a real rice so it’s all love out here

(Verse 3 – A$AP Rocky)
I wrote this s**t in business class, gave me jet lag
This for years of oppressions and the set backs
This for chinks, ni**as, jews, and the wetbacks
Crackers, towel heads, and I can’t forget the last, fags
This is Huey Newton with the Uzi shooting
The trill Martin Luther finna spark the Ruger
Malcolm X’s Muslim army marching to ya
Flacko bring the chopper to ya, preacher screaming hallelujah
Dear Mr. President, I’m the s**t
No hope for the kids
Young Blood was a thug, caught slugs from a Crip
My Father, God Father, our Father
Glocks in the air, Hiiipower
This is Kendrick off to visit, Jimmy’s watch tower
A long it, seems like Martin dreaming for the longest
Ni**as I do songs with is the same that I put on with
Stupid with my flow because biters, they be on it
It’s safe to say you stole it ni**a ever since I loaned it
Cause I only let you hold it, now you fronting like you own it
I know it, Shorty’s gonna be a thug
Said he’s gonna be, A GNT saw the blood
I’m a young lord, that’s the bottom line
Gold grills, black nails, little ni**as out of line, huh?