Waka Flocka Warns Meek Mill For Threatening DJ Whoo Kid

Waka Flocka Flame took to his social media page to defend his home boy DJ Whoo Kid following a direct threat from Meek Mill.

On Wednesday, DJ Whoo Kid took to his Instagram page to post a series of video from a WWE 2K16 fictional wrestling match where Drake was pounding the heck out of Meek Mill. Seems the Philly rapper didn’t take too likely what was going on and left a stern comment on one of the clips.

Meek Mill Threatens DJ Whoo Kid Over Drake Wrestling Video

Although he eventually deleted the comment, given his current legal troubles, it could already sparked a beef with Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame who is close friends with DJ Whoo Kid.

“One things for sure ain’t nobody touching Whoo kid FACTS,” Waka Flocka wrote on IG.

The Brick Squad rapper then released a video explaining his stance saying that he is not looking to beef with anyone.

This is what he said in the clip:

“I f**k with everybody, I f**k with Meek Mill, I f**k with Drake, I f**k with everybody,” Waka Flocka said. “Touching DJ Whoo Kid, I f***ckin’ doubt that… I don’t give a f**k if it’s 50, Meek, anybody. That’s my DJ, that’s my partner and you f***in’ with my money… If ni**as try and take it to another level, sh*t can escalate like a truck, ya dig?”

According to Meek Mill, DJ Whoo Kid started siding with Drake and posting the clips on his social media after Drizzy took him out for dinner while he was in Toronto.

“U ate dinner with that man (Drake) one time now you going crazy,” Meek wrote. “Y’all ni**as like b**ches. Take you out to eat, now u s*cking his d**k! Stop playing wit me DJ Whoo Kid. My last time saying something.”