Kanye West Release 7 New Tracks For ‘The Life of Pablo’

Kanye West has released some new tracks for his new album “The Life of Pablo.” The project was released on Thursday to rave reviews with 10 singles.

The G.O.O.D. Music emcee has added some extra tracks for the final release of the album which is now available on TIDAL for stream.

Kanye West Album T.L.O.P ‘The Life of Pablo’ (Stream + DL)

“The album is being mastered and will be out today… added on a couple of tracks,” Ye wrote on his Twitter timeline on Friday, following a lavish album and Yeezy Season 3 release at Madison Square Gardens on Thursday.

The additional tracks includes singles such as “Silver Surfer Intermission,” “30 Hours,” and “I Miss the Old Kanye.”

See The Life of Pablo, T.L.O.P. new tracklist:

1. Ultra Light Beams
2. Father Stretch My Hands, Part 1
3. Father Stretch My Hands, Part 2
4. Famous
5. Feedback
6. Low Lights
7. High Lights
8. Freestyle 4
9. I Miss The Old Kanye
10. FML
11. Real Friends – featuring Ty Dolla $ign
12. Wolves – featuring Sia & Vic Mensa
13. Silver Surfer Intermission
14. 30 Hours
15. No More Parties In LA
16. Facts
17. Fade – featuring Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign

Kanye West did stirred up some controversy with one single on the album title “Famous” where he took a few jabs at Taylor Swift. The pop star’s fans rips into the Chicago rapper for reigniting their old beef.


  1. how can you get away with publishing bad information??The new track list has waves not two versions of FML!!!Master your craft dont be an amateur journalist!Secondly this album is NOT available in anyway possible yet!Please dont get people excited about being able to purchase an album that CANT YET!

    • Actually the album is out but only if your a TIDAL subscriber. It should be available on iTunes too if not then very soon.