Jahmiel – You Can Do It Too Lyrics

(Verse 1)
But what if mi did give up
And tell myself seh mi cyaa bother
Wouldn’t find a charter pa
Pocket wouldn’t greet grasshopper
Couldn’t help my Daddy, nor Mama
Never sit down pon corner a
Idle, mi a find songs and a
Big stage mi waan perform pon
Waving mi see the fans and a

Yow a far man a come from
Life weh hard man a come from
A suh mi know you can do it too
Every ghetto youth

Hungry days weh man a come from
But still man rise from the dungeon
A suh mi know you can do it too
Every ghetto youth

(Verse 2)
One bag a chat in a mi face
Bout weh mi haffi do block in a the palce
But in a Jah mi put mi faith
Now years goes by
Look a who a pull the gate
The ones dem weh never have nothing good fi seh
Motel put mi deh
Now the world a look fi mi
When mi mother done cook shi seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
The youth dem a tower hill
Seh if a building a our skill
Mi haffi move on
Mi nuh see none a chill
And there were days when I feel like giving up
Yea but now a glory time
Nothing never happen before the time

(Repeat Chorus)