Chris Brown Shades Rihanna and Drake ‘Work’ Video Preview

Chris Brown is still quietly taking shots Rihanna and Drake.

The “Loyal” singer is clearly not a big fan of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and Drake, especially now that rumors are heating up claiming that the two of them could be rekindling their relationship.

Rihanna Chooses Side In Drake and Meek Mill Beef

On Saturday, Rihanna previewed her new music video “Work” on her Snapchat page. “Work” is the lead single off her platinum-selling album ANTI. The video was shot in Los Angeles and Toronto last month with Drake.

She also posted the below photo of herself with Drake and Director X while on set the video shoot in Toronto.

Chris Brown immediately took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

“One day at a time….. Some days are better than others…love is love,” Brown tweeted before adding, “Nothing bad will ever last.”

Rihanna and Drake work video

Sources are saying that Chris Brown has been very upset since Rihanna dropped the single last month because he feels that she and Drake are singing about him to get attention.

“All he (Chris Brown) want is for them to leave him alone,” sources close to the singer said. “Their relationship is history but she always have to be singing about him to get attention to her music and what makes him angry the most is when she allows Drake to rap about him also.”

Despite getting some mix reviews for the single “Work,” Rihanna have been busy promoting the track. The official video will be premiered sometime this week.

The Bajan pop princess looked stunning in the clip donning a mesh dress with reggae colors. The single also featured a two decade old reggae/dancehall riddim produced by Richie Stephens, as well as, Rihanna singing in patois.

Since shooting the video a few weeks ago there have been rumors of Rihanna and Drake rekindling their relationship. If that is true, then Chris Brown won’t be too happy.



  1. Chris brown have some nerve talking about Rihanna singing about Chris. Rihanna don’t care about Chris anymore. He also trying to play the victim. Drake and Rihanna are not thinking or talking about Chris. Chris is just upset that he doesn’t have any one. He doesn’t want to see anyone happy but himself. Get over yourself Chris No one wants You. Not Rihanna or Karrueche.

  2. Chris Brown does dirt to all of these women and expect them not to go looking for something better. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  3. Wow, I guess Urban Islandz has gone the way of Media Takeout, just reach and completely fabricating things. The song “Work” had nothing to do with Chris Brown. RiRi and Drake were talking about each other. When Drake says “Sorry if I’m way less friendly, I got n*ggas trying to end me” that was in reference to Meek Mill.

    Come on guys, don’t become that type of site….SMH!

    • The song Love on the brain is the song, they are saying is about Chris Brown, not work.

      • Yes Drake said “C Breezy with the dance moves” referencing dancing in the Hotline Bling video, no slander there. It’s no secret that “Love on the Brain” is about Chris Brown, Chris knows it. She got her ass beat, she wants to talk about it, she can do that. And if it is about Breezy, if you listen to it, she’s saying she can’t do without him.

        This article though, is a sad reach.

      • In the other song it was a slander and Drake and Chris are not friends. The point is they use Chris to promote their agenda’s. Why would Drake reference Chris, are they friends or even cordial? No. Besides, Drake dance moves were a hot mess in Hotline bling and nothing like how Chris dances. That incident happened 7 years ago and Rihanna herself said she’s tired of hearing about it and feel like she’s being victimized over again and again because the media wont let it go but when it’s convenient for her than it’s not a problem. So again. They like to mention Chris in songs for there own personal gain because of the history which was a big promotion for their music in the first place.

  4. I may get some hate for this. My heart goes out to Rihanna to a degree. I mean her and Chris have a history together and things were looking really bright for the both of them until the 2009 incident happened. That was a bad time for the both of them but it saddens me that they rekindled their relationship to give it another try only for it to fail again and she was broken and in a state of mind that put her into drinking and the extreme weight loss after if I’m not mistaken Chris shot down her dreams of starting a family with him one day as she planned. And for him to disagree something like that with her but have the chance of having a child with another woman. That’d be rough and love doesn’t just disappear and she could possibly still be hurting and music could be her only way to express herself.

    • She might but she doesn’t want to talk to him. Chris has tried several times as he did with Karrueche. They refuse to speak with him. I say atleast give him a chance to apologize. I did not say get back together. Sometimes you need to hear the apology and the person who hurt you has remorse so there’s no bad blood. I personally think they stay away so they don’t get back with him because he would definitely be trying. Maybe that’s why there were so many on and off relationships. So as long as they don’t speak to him they can keep moving foward with out Chris convincing them to give him another chance. Sad though.

      • Oh alright. I didn’t know about him attempting to apologize but I do agree with u about the apology. One should at least give another a chance in that. It’s almost heartbreaking to see how they were in 2007 and happy they were and now where they r at now. And to actually see the evidence that he said that they weren’t happening when a fan of Chris Brown on Twitter or Instagram made a comment of him being baffled by her live performance in some country is just sad. It’s very sad I agree.

      • I don’t think Rihanna doesn’t speak to him to be mean. I think she doesn’t speak to him because Chris would use that opportunity to talk his way back into another relationship of some sort. Which is why they had so many off and on relationships. Chris would mess up, Rihanna would break up with him and then he’ll find a way to apologize and talk his way back in. So it’s better for her not to speak to him because she still cares about him and if she does most likely they would have some type of relationship again. Rihanna doesn’t think Chris has changed so why would she want to go through that all again, so she doesn’t speak to him. Same goes for Karrueche as well.

      • So very true.

      • Rihanna and Brown love each other the problem is that they do not give each other respect if they can both really try it can work I promise

  5. Chris and if RiRi don’t care she will stop bringing him up in her music and interviews. Maybe she should get a professional help to get pass everything that happened between her and Chris and all her relationships because she jump from man to man and not one has ever lasted for RiRi. So maybe she the real problem and not Chris. Chris need singing about her and can less if she with Drake. Old news and she starting to be old news. She needs to focus on her life and music and leave Chris alone. She like attention and drama.

    • Chris Brown has had alot of interviews where he was talking about Rihanna, they both do. Just stop it, besides this story is made up and the media like to seek drama.

      • The media is obsessed with Chris and Rihanna and the ask them question about each till this day. However, Rihanna still sings about him in songs and Drake has mentioned Chris on 2 different new songs. It’s not a big deal but this article is stating Chris is hating on Drake and Rihanna because of those tweets stated above and that is a lie. So we have to get the record straight because Chris is not throwing shade on Drake and Rihanna or even interested. Drake, Rihanna and the blogs are more interested in Chris than anything. Chris is minding his business and they are all talking about him including Rihanna’s dad.

  6. Chris is more talented and that’s a fact. Rihanna knows it and Drake knows it. That’s why there talking about him and he’s not talking about them at all. Let’s be clear. If Chris didn’t beat up Rihanna, Drake and Rihanna wouldn’t be able to touch Chris. That fight with Rihanna and Drake boasted their careers’ tremdously. Why? Because the most talented guy (Chris Brown) has done that. If it was a a celebrity that was less talented it wouldn’t have been such a big story and still talked about continuously today. Whats so important about Chris Brown. Ask Rihanna’s father because he’s talking about him too.

  7. Chris knows that the fight with Rihanna helped her career tremedously and hurt his. The fight with Drake helped his career which is why they keep referring to Chris Brown. Let’s keep it real. Chris Brown is way more talented than Drake and Rihanna put together. If their was a battle between the 2 would would out sing them and dance them. Now that it’s known that Drake uses a ghost writers. Chris would probably beat Drake at that too. So that’s why they are always referring to Chris. They wan’t him to react because they know he wears his heart on his sleeve and is very passionate. Unfortunately for them Chris is different now. Chris is a father and has his 1 year old daughter to think about and he’s been trying to be good which is why he hasn’t really went off on Drake each time he’s mentioned him in his songs. I do think want’s the best for Rihanna though.

  8. Fake or not rihanna is stupid if she goes back with any of them, they both cheated on her

  9. His tweets were before hers though, so….

  10. This story is a lie. I don’t remember the last time Chris referred to Rihanna or Drake if not answering Drake who has on several times recently has mentioned Chris or his ex’s in his songs. I think Chris was referring either to the things in his personal life like his baby momma taking him back to court. The blogs always have to add Chris into Rihanna or Drake or visa versa. Leave Chris, Rihanna and Drake alone. Were sick of reading about stories that are pure lies.

  11. There’s nothing that suggests his tweets were about them. This is a bunch of speculation, made even worse by the grammatical errors all over this article. Can’t take yall seriously.

  12. Why everything Chris write is about RI ? Instigators just stop with your lies.

  13. Their not together she was on Ellen’s show and said that she’s single!! And her CD isn’t really the changed it so she can BE platinum,his album must be platinum too.they using each other don’t fall for it Chris,she knows your feeling bad and she playing on it.

  14. I swear all the people commenting on here act like Chris or Rihanna told them personally how they feel which i doubt. A lot of people will look crazy if the two ever reunite. I personally do not care about analyzing any of this, it’s their business and everyone is feeding into what the media prints. Damn let these ppl breathe and do what i do…sit back and watch.

  15. John Jones Pluvious

    Fake ass article for clicks

  16. disqus_7TiI3lXPrA

    I agree,~ and seriously now, why would Chris Brown think such a thing? For one, I don’t think he should be flattering himself like he’s doing. For two, he needs to get on and continue his life with his daughter and his career and stop playing like you’re always apart of other peoples thoughts. Sorry, but think you need to do some soul searching there pal, and get over your past and go forward.

    • I think Chris thought Rihanna was playing when they got back together the second time and she dump him. He really in love with Rihanna but rihanna trying to move on and you but out stuff on twitter

      • Are you crazy? (that was not personal, just a figure of speech Mary) Did you not see how pissed off and emotional Rihanna was when they broke up the last time? All the weight she lost and the drinking? She had no choice but to dump him but when you leave someone for cheating ask yourself who really got dumped…ijs because I am a fan of both of them. Chris just has outbursts, Rihanna clearly has learned because she used to be 10xs worse than CB on instagram/twitter…maybe she just has better PR/Management. We are watching and not even well informed watchers we don’t know what the f#%$ is going on really.

      • I’m a fan of both as well but I think Chris dumped Rihanna because at the time he was dating both Rihanna and Karrueche and the day of his birthday party he told a radio station that he’s going to be solo on his birthday and broke up with Rihanna. I don’t know if Rihanna and Chris talked before he said that on the radio station but that was in 2013 and they haven’t been together since. Chris then was with karrueche until he had his daughter. It could be Rihanna dumped Chris but Chris was the first to make it public. Rihanna was on tour during the time.

      • Those tweets were not meant for Rihanna and Drake. It’s for his daughter’s mother. Right after the story broke about Royalty’s mother taking him back to court he tweeted those statements. These blogs always like to put our lies on Rihanna and Chris.

      • John Jones Pluvious

        Lol Rihanna didn’t dump him, Chris was basically dumping her. Chris was cheating on RiRi with Karrueche and he was cheating on Karrueche when he had the baby. He was basically seeing 3 girls at one time except his baby mom was a one time thing. Rihanna has already stated she will love Chris till her grave. Other than that this article is 100% fake.

      • Plain as simple….chris hatin on drake and ri cuz they still making money and everyone know they make a good couple.and he mad how she was grinding dat ass on his big dic??????

    • This story is a lie those tweets are about his daughters mother who’s taking him back to court. These blogs like to stir up trouble so people can click on the blog.

  17. All this article is doing is making Chris look like an overly emotional, conceited a-hole. This is really pathetic. He is not some world wide superstar to even be that important for Drake or Rihanna to have to keep referring to…. He’s the one that keeps on mentioning their names whenever he does an interview. He doesn’t have to answer questions about them if he truly didn’t want to. Come on now somebody!!!! Why do these urban blogs keep trying to insert this young man’s name where it doesn’t belong? Y’all still on that “CB is a victim ” train..? This *igga is young and wild and out here doing whatever , whenever and that’s on him lol

    And if any of this was actually true, then that’s really sad because I would think someone in Chris’s position would just be thankful for how far he has been allowed to come in the first place . I just know that poor fool can’t actually think that Rihanna mentioning him is actually good for her career, he is literally the reason why some people tend to “drag” Rihanna to this day. It’s always been in her best interests to stay away from him, as far as the public is concerned.

    • John Jones Pluvious

      Idiot this article is fake lool

      • I already stated that you idiot. CAN YOU READ?!! That still doesn’t mean I can’t make a comment about my personal feelings towards Chris Brown. Go sit down somewhere.

      • So you hate Chris Brown the the point of capital letters? You know him personally?

      • I’ve seen interviews where Chris has asked not to talk about Drake at all and has made it clear not to ask him about Rihanna and especially Drake. Drake has mentioned Chris name on his latest song and on a song with Future. So it’s Drake still using Chris name to sell records. Chris is a world known super star. He has fans all over the world just like Drake and Rihanna.

      • Exactly. This article is made up so we can click on the article and the blog makes money. That’s why I stopped clicking on articles if the titles seems like a lie.

    • Truth is CB came out the gate a superstar 16yrs old…just keeping it real. Honestly his name and bad boy image does garner a lot of attention for people regardless of their celebrity. I don’t see how everyone is some passionate about stories that the media prints and you haven’t heard first hand. I read it for the entertainment factor because in the end I hope they all do well and live happy lives.

    • First of all Drake has mentioned Chris name or his ex name on 2 different songs this year and Chris has not mentioned Drake at all in any of his songs. I can’t say for sure but Rihanna’s song Love on the brain does sound like she is talking about Chris. I believe those tweets by Chris Brown was not intended for Rihanna or Drake it was for his Daughters mother who is taking him back to court. The blogs are stirring up trouble. Chris does not hate Rihanna and visa versa. Chris has always said it is always love when it comes to Rihanna and Rihanna has said in her Vanity Fair interview that she and Chris are not friend but not enemies but she’ll care about him until the day she die. So I don’t think Chris and Rihanna are hoping for one another downfall. It’s the blogs that make up lies so we can click on the their site so they can make money.

    • They should stay away from each,But why is you guy keep bring up thing that happens years ago, Chris don’t bring up there name in any of his interview, why would he,Chris have changed a lot since Royalty cme in his life,People never give him a chance, We need to stop being so nativity, If you don’t like him stop reading about him, stop following him on social media just leave him alone.

  18. Chris focus on your baby mama drama rih gives no f***’s about u and you are not her only ex get over your ignant self remember she has been with soon to be academy award winner and richer than your ass man gtfoh with ur self absorb lies