Young Thug – My Boys ft. Trouble, Ralo & Lil Durk Lyrics

(Chorus – Young Thug)
Hey, them my ni**as
Yeah, them my boys
Light him up like he Christmas
If he play with my boys
Yeah, them my dogs, them my boys
Yeah, them my ni**as, them my boys
We gon ball…my boys
Yeah, f**k that bi**h if you my boy
Yeah, if you my boys

(Verse 1 – Ralo)
Had a talk with Thug, we was talking bout Escobar Pablo!
Snitches the only thing a rich ni**a stressing for
Remember we was riding on the motorbus
They’d rob the bank before they think bout robbing us
We did this s**t ourself, we ain’t ask for no help
He’ll kill for for real, I’ll kill for no Jeff
So now we got right, these ni**as went left
Riding round with them straps, I ain’t talking seat belts
I swear to god I’ll murk em if Thugger say the word
We went from robbing these ni**as to selling bricks and birds
They had the nerve to say they don’t like me riding with Thug
But at first, they liked to see…up in the club

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Durk)
My ni**as, we do it
Play crazy, get smoked like hookah
Whip by like what’s up Boopah
No Metro Booming, booming
One call, they pull up shooting
Smash Brothers said we bool
Roll up some ops and wood
My dogs nem, they so cool cool
Too turnt up for Lil NuNu
My ni**as demons voodoo
They facing sh*t like ooVoo, yeah
Free the gang, we the gang
And the chain made of
We insane, keep a Glock
If you straying, bow bow
Round me, naw naw
40…sawed off
FN take this wall off
Like where is Waldo?
I’m a street ni**a, got my brother’s help
So f*** you other ni**as if you on some other s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Trouble)
Hundred shots in the daytime if you ever come play with them, my boy
Ain’t no shooting up no random houses, got to get your man, you got to kill that boy
Free Tre, one of the first ni**as to ever put me in that field, my boy
Too, my boy
Police chasing, we juuged my boy
Godfather, you know that ain’t a question
How we rocking the
Y’all still f**king around and got a fresh seven
Man this s**t kinda hectic
Painful living, growing up missing daddy
Sister making it better
Why I be there any time that she need me
Cause I know that she had me
In and out, but I didn’t know my daddy
Woods, on some s**t rated savage
Yeah, just a project ni**a, ain’t never had s**t
Young, if you hit me, get nasty, pu**y

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Young Thug)
Met that bi**h when I was in elementary
Met them my ni**as before elementary
They been my ni**as since before elementary
I swung on his teacher bout him, yeah in elementary
Stop all the killing and let’s go get it
When you buy you a Bentley, you know you rich
Me and Ralo, we like Ace Boogie and Mitch
He was broke now his s**t lit up like he hit a lick
Lil bi**h, slob on the d**k
Lil bitty bi**h, my diamonds gon glisten
It’s YSL, and Ferragamo s**t
Lil Durk with me, tonight we throw the racks on the bi**h

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. my dogs nem the soo kookoo not cool cool
    rob me, naw naw
    40’s, macs, and sawed offs

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