Young Thug – For My People ft. Duke Lyrics

(Intro – Young Thug)
56 hundred for the Cartier
YSL sh*t, know what I’m saying?
Me and Lil Duke
Aye lil boo, who are you?

(Chorus – Young Thug)
I put it down for my people
Ready to die for my people
We multiply with the people
Have a shootout for my people
We gon take lives for these people
We gon fly high like an eagle
I sold them hunnas and eagles
I know that bi**h and mistreat em thugger!
Beat up that pu**y, no nerve in it
Bi**h say she straight like a perm in it
Bentley Spur with the curtain missing
Bentley Spur with the curtain missing
Pu**y clean, ain’t no germs in it
My pocket, it look like a book with the worm in it

(Verse 2 – Young Thug)
I woke up, I prayed and I’m hustling
I roll up, I pull up with shorty
I pour up a four of the muddy
I pour up a four of the muddy
I lean, I lean on my luggage
Got Aquafina, it’s nothing
I f**ked that bi**h while in London
I beat that bi**h like I’m London
I put in work for my people
You say you not broke, but me either
Man I’m getting so fly like a seagull
And I’m ready to die for my people
Bi**h I’m a zoo, not a zebra
I cook up the dope and no ether
Old school, it sound like a beeper
We not gon let you mistreat em
Bi**h I’m the s**t, f**k a toilet
If you can’t stand him then seat him
Run up a check and I’m glory
Farrakhan, me, I’m a leader
I was just smoking on doja
F**k ni**as trick em and treat em
Pour up a four in a 40
We drop a four in a liter
I pour up a four while he cook up the blow
I just f**ked your hoe, pu**y ni**a you know
I just got the blow and it came off the boat
Got racks inside my skinny jeans and they poking
No hokey, no pokey, f**k ni**a you’re broke as s**t
I heard that you tote it, I heard that you wrote it
I heard that they pay you to watching your focus

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Young Thug & Duke)
Lil Duke insisted
Thot bi**h, she cripping
Play with me, he tripping
They find your ass missing
We built like relentless
Pull up to shows in them Bentleys
Choppa go right for your kidneys
I’ll prolly be f**king your mistress
I swear this one hell of a feeling
I swear this one hell of a living
I drink on the Act all day
I got a hell of a kidney
I swear that they know that these ni**as ain’t scaring me
YSL on, banging that til they bury me
These ni**as fake and they’re fairies, they’re telling me
We some young veterans dodging the federal, settled
I whip up that white like she work, I’m the chef
I know a few ni**as just waiting on my death
B*tch I’m Sudan, I got planes on my steps
Y’all bi**hes, you know we in here
Got bi**hes on bi**hes, you know we in here
Yeah, we make it snow in the VIP
Gats on our hips and we toting in here
Racks in my pocket, they know what it is

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  1. Duke not drake