King Los – Get Home (Freestyle) ft. Tyga Lyrics

(Verse 1 – King Los)
I made her strip like she had a stage
Told her clap it on my face like aftershave
Get too much pu**y when you made some millions
Brought her a USB drive, and told her save her feelings
I’m macking, plus ya man ain’t kill it yet
Bi**h I cannon ball in that pu**y and get the ceiling wet
Ass so big it need a kickstand
Pu**y too good to pull out, I call that s**t quicksand
Baby he a sixth man, you need you a starter
Shorty I can his and her Audemar you tomorrow
Order new cars and call a U-Haul and have em move
Forty two closets worth of shoes in your new apartment, I’m balling
He made you his boo thing, I keep you in that new thing
I just bought a sex swing for if you having mood swings
Whining like a rude ting, girl you know the routine
Think I’m tryna clone you they way I buy you new jeans

(Verse 2 – Tyga)
She gon drop and make that thing Gnarley
You a new school Barbie…in a new Ferrari
I brought that old school out, rims like Attari
Faded for tonight, tomorrow don’t call me
In a sense, she gon do and leave no evidence
Fingerprints, on a window tint, tryna see who win
Papi pap alert, take you round my city yeah
Ride around my jewels, let you wear it when we in that bed
Yeah yeah, I got that good in the morning
Dipping while you yawning, she can’t control it
She my little soldier, gangsta like Jody
T-Raww I’m focused, you know that she open, is