Dexta Daps – Chinese Jordan Lyrics

Member a me build you up when mi see you did a bruk
Now you hype true you f**k wid a likkle ni**a up
But just wait till mi up
You a go see a who a look
You go cuss till you burst when mi foreigner touch down

(Verse 1)
Hey mi naw seh you nuh fi move on
But nuh move and fi touch the two grand
Touch the two grand
And now you mean fi tell mi seh
A because mi cyaa stick to one supn too long
Supn too long
Hey gyal you too bloodclaat jealous
And you gwaan like seh you cyaa wrong
Seh you cyaa wrong
Well since you a Mrs Right
Hold a chinese hordan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A me vex wid you
Cause me did only waan see the best fi you
And even though a cash mi love me did check fi you
And me did think seh that mi know mi did meck fi you
But me nuh waan fi be the man weh bring stress to you
And mi nuh waan fi be in a no contest fi you
But baby girl mi really waan fi confess to you
Mi still love you but mi nuh have no respect fi you

(Repeat Chorus 2X)