Konshens – I’m That Ni**a Lyrics

Super, I’m that ni**a
I’m that ni**a
Always have a plan fi get six figure
Am that ni**a
Am that ni**a
If you try stop mi food
Squeeze chigger

I’m that ni**a
I’m that ni**a
Big fat Beemer rome the streets in a

I’m that ni**a
I’m that ni**a
Meck sure mi dawgs dem a eat dinner

(Verse 1)
A suh mi, suh mi tan
From day one
Money plan
Wi never switch
Never sell
Wi nuh bow out
Nuh funny man

Hey mi nuh see no bwoy weh mi fraid a
Dutty ni**a from out a Jamaica
Show mi the Europe, Queen Elizabeth
Benjamin Franklin

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cut up the bread pon the counter
The whole a mi team a money counter
Ammunition nough in a the counter
Suh if the pu**y dem attack wi ready fi counter
Bwoy a pose up like dem a gangster
And haffi hide behind a badman and gangster
But a the fat pu**y gyal dem mi response fa
When mi roll up in a the monster

(Repeat Chorus 2X)