Alkaline – My Side Of The Story Lyrics

(Verse 1)
If you ask me gyal you change and I don’t like that
No, do nuh meck everything go to waste baby please fight back
Have some faith in a me wi nuh grow like that
Wa meck you do the don that?
No me would a never do you that no, no way
Nuh sacrifice you happiness because a ego
Nuh believe everything weh you see in a the media
Mi stressed out and mi miss mi friend
Dem nuh understand or get wi joke dem
You mean the world to me hi nuh girl

You naw answer that mean a true then
Cyaa believe you get a new friend
And if a nuh me a who then
You give up paw me

Please baby! Don’t throw it all away
Mi might a f**k up but don’t give up pon me

One more chance don’t throw it all away
Mi a beg you wait likkle linger
Nuh lose grip pon me

(Verse 2)
Mi wonder if mi selfish cause mi want you fi myself
Why you all about me and nobody else!
Meck up you mind, baby think it over again
You meck mi left right yah suh now
Mi naw go come back again
You feel you hype true you find a man weh a spend
Do nuh do me this come meck wi talk
Wonder why is so easy fi you get up and leave
A suh you treat somebody weh see you without yo weave
Sometime mi get too close to people weh nuh family
Thinking dem a go stay when eventually dem a go leave
You seh whenever dem ask you tell dem you have a man
If you nuh like the brother then why you give him you number?
You know too much people, too much ni**a
Popularity you nuh success get yo money bigger

(Repeat Chorus)


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