Chris Brown Take A Jab At Rihanna and Drake Over New Single “Work”

Chris Brown is not a fan of Rihanna and Drake new collaboration “Work.” The track is one of the fan favorite singles off RiRi’s new album ANTI.

In the first verse of the single, Rihanna sings about giving Chris Brown her heart and getting let down by him. “Nuh time to have you lurking / Him ah go act like he nah like it / You know I dealt with you the nicest / Nuh body touch me in the righteous / Nuh botha text me in a crisis / I believed all of your dreams, adoration / You took my heart and my keys and my patience / You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration,” she sings.

Chris Brown Responds To Karrueche & Rihanna “I Wish Them The Best”

Sources close to Brown and RiRI are telling us that he listened to the song once and got furious that his ex-girlfriend is still singing about him.

“It’s pretty obvious that she (Rihanna) was singing about him, but I guess he (Chris Brown) felt some type of way because he don’t constantly sing about her and has given her maximum respect to live her,” sources said.

Rihanna and Drake shoot a music video for the single “Work” in Los Angeles earlier this month. That video is expected to be released in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see Chris Brown’s reaction after watching the video.

Listen to Rihanna and Drake new single “Work” on iTunes or TIDAL.

Drake and Rihanna dating again

“It’s more like he is thinking that they always have to talk or sing about him to get attention,” sources added.

Earlier this week, the “Back To Sleep” singer took to Instagram to rant a bit about his feelings after Rihanna released the new single.

“I regret opening up to some people, they didn’t deserve to knoe me like that,” he wrote.

A few days later he followup with another message on his IG. “I let people think what they want, while I know what I know,” he said.


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    They where bests friends before having a intermate relationship ok “work” is a great song its not about Chris brown…..I love both but Chris needs disrespect rihanna they committed to each other I didn’t expect this from them…..Chris brown sing a lot of song about rihanna trust me they are heartbreaking especially the song “so cold” he want her back but he just can’t resist the temptation with other girls rihanna was is broken they still love each other the point is their love is too strong to let go so easy

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    For starters, this is not a fan favorite. The radio stations were paid off to play it non-stop for days. Also, I didn’t hear anything inthe song that even resembled Chris Brown (not that you understand a word she is saying). Quite frankly this may be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. And for the writers on Urban Islandz it’s spelled “know”, not “knoe”. You’re starting to sound like Rihanna…geez.

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    Rihanna’s song work is not a hot song. They could have done allot better. I don’t think Chris has mentioned Rihanna or Drake on any of his songs off of his album Royalty. Drake can’t stop mentioning Chris on his songs as if he’s obsessed with Chris and his ex girlfriends. I’m not sure who Rihanna’s singing about it could be Chris or it could be someone else. Remember Rihanna has writers writing her songs and it could be that’s how the writer wrote the song and she sung it and it has no purpose for Chris Brown.

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    I said it once and I’ll say it again. Work needs allot of Work. This song sounds terrible and is terrible for the standards of Rihanna and Drake. Work is a big let down for the Two of them. They could have done much better. The reason Why Work is number one is because of the free downloads and the million copies Samsung bought. Let’s be real here. This was Rihanns’ worse album and Rihanna and Drake’s worst song. Let’s keep it real. I like Rihanna too but I’m not going to play def and mute just because I like her. The Album is a bust. Period. As far as Chris Brown. He didn’t say anything this article claims he’s said. Chris posted those comments on his instagram a week before Rihanna dropped Work. So Urban Islandz stop the lies.

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    You guys are really stupid if you think Chris said this. If Chris has anything to say it would be on his instagram or on his twitter. Chris has no reason to say anything bad about Rihanna. Those are words, it doesn’t mean it was meant for Chris. Every love song doesn’t relate to Chris Brown. If she sings a love song about wanting her love back, it doesn’t mean she wants Chris Brown or any of her ex’s back. These blogs make up stories because when Chris posted that on his instagram it was a week or two before Rihanna dropped Work.

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    If anything “Close To You” is about Chris Brown, not “Work”. And so what? He sings about her too.

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    Lol This song is TRASH

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    Honestly Chris’ career went down the toilet as soon as he beat Rihanna’s ass. She took him back afterwards and he still turned around and did her wrong as well as Carrot Cake. Carrot Cake stayed his album sales started doing numbers again. Then he had a baby while he was with Carrot Cake. She left him now his albums aren’t selling. Moral of the story stop being an asshole to the women that love you.

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      I heard Rihanna only sold 1000 copies of her album in a week. The real sales, not the free downloads and the million dollar purchase for Samsung. Chris sold 180,000 albums his first week and had the number 1 R&B Album for 4 Weeks. Don’t get me wrong I like Rihanna and Chris Brown but it is what it is.

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        I heard that too but that was false . Rihanna sold over 400,00 copies also Chris brown reach number 3 on his opening week and sold close to 120,000 his opening week. Rihanna sat at number one. Also her Song work is still number 1 for the fourth week on the charts. It’s funny how many people always say I do or like this song the it goes to number one with Rihanna music. They criticized diamonds,Russian roulette. They said who names they album unapologetic.,the criticized the video for man down and pour it up. Yet it’s crazy that it becomes hits. The album they call garbage is now good and now anti is garbage. Yet you have big artists that many admired goes and make the same kind of sound and feeling and language and those same people would say that she killed it and her album is fire.

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      Girl you better preach. Also girl when he went back to Rihanna, she feed him got hi off the pills. She told him that ohb is not his friends but leeches. She got him to do interviews where everyone said he is changing and growing up . He told Angie Martinez that now he believed that Rihanna is his soul mate. The papers was saying that 2013 would be Chris brown year.well Rihanna left for her diamonds tour and the leeches got in his ear and made hi believe Rihanna is screwing the whole industry just for Chris to think bad about Rihanna and he started cheating and hanging with kae again which they like because kae allowed hi to cheat on her. Chris and Rihanna could have been the second musical couple and build an empire. He is just an asshole and makes the worse decisions.

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      Thank you I taught I was the only black woman who sees this. It’s like the black women of America blame Rihanna and the white man for all of Chris brown dumb decisions. Rihanna took him back knowing that her career was being put on the line. Yet Chris could not be faithful . He treat that girl real bad. Now he gots karma karruche finally got the right time to leave him and not look bad because she really was their for fame , celebrity friends , and red carpet. That baby was her ticket. But I bet if Rihanna was the one to get pregnant with Chris brown baby karruche would still be with Chris. Now he has a baby mama who wants more money. He has fake friends, the blood gang, and probably groupies but he knows deep down he treated Rihanna the worse of all. That girl was loyal to Chris and all she got was pain and hurt.

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    She is a dirty thot. Too crazy for even eminem to mess with. This cd was NOT worth the wait. NOTHING about it was “timeless”. She had to GIVE IT AWAY to get the numbers she needs to maintain her position vying with beyonce. You know, the man she is inlove with WIFE.

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      No our mother is the dirty Thot . Who created a dumb girl like you to be,I’ve everything the tabloids says. That’s because your mother and every female is a Thot ho didnot even achieved they dreams. Also Rihanna never found eminem attractive. Also eminem considers Rihanna his little cousin. Rihanna never went and saught out eminem. It was eminem who saught her out to sing a song on his track and it went to number one,. He call her a second time to sing monster and to go on a tour with him. Eminem who never had anything nice to say about other pop stars and yet he chooses

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        The english is so atrocious in your response that i would bet that this is either the gutter trash herself or one of her other rabid, RANCID, talentless leeches?

        In any case, a disgusting FILTH BUCKET labeled the “industry come catcher” by LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE INDUSTRY trumps your deep rooted desires to believe the lies that you have to tell yourself so you can look in the mirror. Talented STARS don’t run around in various states of excessive indecency just to stay relevant. If her song “work” is so fantastic, then why is she almost topless in it? Her music is CRAP. her label PAYS for airplay. THAT is why everyone is hearing it on the radio. She gave away almost a million copies to hide that she is junk.

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    I’m hoping to hear some better singles from this album.

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      It doesn’t get better Hate to break that to you.

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        ?the met?gala™?

        Wow that’s sad.

        I don’t get it.

        She has had a plethora of amazing singles. What happened?

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        Yeah well she hasn’t done an album in 4 years and she used to put out an album every year. So maybe she’s just warming up. I still think she’ll do good music but this one wasn’t it. She’s a little rusty but that’s ok she’s been out the game for a while. So I’ll wait for the next album

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    Delia Ivette Vazquez Laporte

    Wow what an ego!!! So now every song Rihanna sings is about him? That’s what the public assumes, doesn’t mean that’s the case. I’m sure she is way over him.

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    I don’t know why she still seems hung up on this idiot. Starting to lose some respect for her. Needs to just let go and move on.

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    Making up lies again.

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    Chris and Ri love each other and nothing you write would change that so stop making up lies.Your source is you Haters.

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    I’m sorry, when did she mention Chris??? TURN THE PAGE ALREADY DUDE!!

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    If you listen to the song WORK it is about a boy and a girl trying to get together. Chris did not say anything it is you instigators making up you own lies. Chris and Ri is laughing at you idiots.

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    WORK has Nothing to do with Chris. Listen to the song and stop running with the Feeders and their made up bs. SICK IDIOTS.

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    I agree with everything Chris is saying about the Grammy and that sung ant Chris royalty sound better than that. Chris not Jealous keep your head up Chris keep on making beautiful music it is not your music it is you and that is a shame for hateing on a Great person

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    Luv Chris

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    It goes to show you when you treat a woman REAL GOOD in all aspects of a relationship they NEVER FORGET! Expect more songs about Chris from Rihanna in the YEARS to come!

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      Yes, he wrote his name in it!

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      If he must know, Love On The Brain is more about him than Work. He’s such an idiot…

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        Funny he had Love On The Brain as one of the songs he likes. Chris Brown seems to still have anger issues. Just a few months ago he’s stalking Rihanna’s page and upset with her because certain celebrity males were commenting on some of her pictures, then does the same thing to Karrueche. He seems to see these women as possessions when he’s not with either one of them he’s the one who needs to move on. Your a father with a baby daughter and still singing vulgar songs like F–ck You Back to Sleep which is so not romantic in my opinion!

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        I agree about the controlling aspect of his personality! I think Riri will always love him, but he needs to get his bipolar in check. If he truly wants her back he must first work in himself.

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        Oh I agree both have admitted to loving each other and always will have that love for each other. I used to think that he wanted to get back with her but he’s all over the place so I question it. As far as be controlling your right and he’s said it himself. I want to like him but dude is his own worst enemy and until he figures himself out you are absolutely right he can have a healthy relationship with anyone.

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        I wish I could love your comment a million times!!!!

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        He do want to get back with her that’s why when the press says she is with a certain person . Even when it’s plain that Rihanna is not in a relationship. It’s just tabloid garbage. He always sneak diss the person on Instagram. He does it all the time

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        Exactly he told Rihanna that her vagina will be his forever. Tmz even run the story. Chris brown want Rihanna and kae but he donot want to be faithful and just be a man. He even wrote in a song when he was begging Rihanna to come back that he taught he could do what ever he wanted to do and you would wait for me baby. He has a habit of writing songs when he messed up begging for forgiveness.

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        It sure seems that way. First he was back and forth with Rihanna now the same thing with Karrueche. He appears possessive, treating and continue to treat these women as objects and once each finally had enough of his shenanigans then he attacked their character. He seems to have calmed down a lot but every now and then he gets in his stupid feelings and rants on Twitter and Instagram. I swear I want to like him but sometimes he makes it damn hard!!

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      Chris brown was the one who wrote many songs about Rihanna. That it’s crazy. He also was the one who says he is chucking up his deuces to Rihanna and yet he Chose her over kae. He also wrote that kae could never be Rihanna. The only thing is Rihanna is not going to stand for his fake blood 500 Piru nonsense. He is getting pimp by the blood gang.That incidents made Chris brown have PTSD and bipolar. He had anger disorder before. He is only acting like a gangster because white america did not forgive him for beating Rihanna. If they did forgive him Chris would be right back to the Micheal Jackson with his r&b and tight pants he wore on his album cover for graffiti. He is making them win. By being the gangster bad guy that they say he is. Instead he could have shown them that was just an awful moment and since Rihanna gave me a second chance and prove to them he is s good guy by treating Rihanna right. He just makes the mis dumbest mistake .

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    Chris is jealous of how fast her new album went platinum

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      Platinum? She gave it away for FREE and plans to make up the money on her tour which has been promoted for months and still have tickets available.

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        Which makes more since because touring is where the artist makes bulk of their money. Record sale usually doesn’t produce a lot for the artists. I’m sure the artist of today make way more than those from years ago, some of them made less than a buck . Left Eye broke it down how much an artist is left with when it comes down to record sales it’s not a lot once you’ve made for all your cost because believe me these record companies aren’t giving you anything for free. I belive Rihanna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are some of the smartest business woman in the music industry and believe for every move they make it’s strategic they all have strong brands huge following. They’re not the where they are by accident. They deserve props whether you like them or not.

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      Dude. It’s £11.99 on iTunes, about free

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      You know she GAVE IT AWAY, right? Lots of people are going to pick up something that is FREE.

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      Chris is not jealous of Drake or Rihanna. I think Chris moved on from Rihanna a long time ago and Drake is very much jealous of Chris Brown. I don’t hear Chris mentioning Drake in his songs but Drake can’t stop mentioning Chris in his songs. Drake has tried to date just about every girl Chris had as well. I don’t see Chris running after the strippers Drake has dated. So lets not get stupid. As far as Rihanna I think Chris has allot of respect for Rihanna and really want her to do well. If their not speaking it’s because Rihanna doesn’t want to speak to him, for good reason probably but he would be open to be cordial. Chris has allot of love for Rihanna.

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        This song was written by Drake and two other producers who was in the club and they start making up the beat . This song is not about Chris brown . Rihanna is the one who dump Chris brown, Rihanna is the one who did not mention him in close to two years . It’s Chris brown who has keep mentioning Rihanna and Drake name. It was kae and him who had a fasination with Rihanna. Chris brown is the one who said he is not jealous and Rihanna can do anything g she wants,and how she will never get anyone better than him. Especially a singing nigger. Yet he is not jealous. It s Rihanna who is staying away from Chris. Rihanna said she will always love him so pleople can take it easy on him. Rihanna does not want to speak to Chris because he is a judas. He cannot keep his words. Chris brown is a snitch. Rihanna does not want to speak to him because he is a weak boy. Who is getting pimp by the blood gang. His “friends” ohb who lied on Rihanna and talk bad about her behind her back but was nice in front of his face robbed his house. llied and say she is cheating on him while she went out the country on her diamonds tour. Because when he was with Rihanna she got him off those pills and made him start eating. His interview was great because he was amble to speak to the media respectively he did the breakfast club,Angie Martinez,Big boy,sway. And even the today show with Matt. The newspapers was saying 2013 will be Chris brown year. But as soon as Rihanna left the leeches got in his ear because with Rihanna the jetting, clubbing,screwing girls from different area codes,threesomes,free clothing and jewelry stop so they was we need to get rid of Rihanna and send back kae because kae did not say nothing.

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    Have to agree with Chris Brown on this one. They always have to be talking about him or singing about him to get attention. Just move on and live your life.

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      I don’t agree with agree with Chris brown at all . He has mental issues, ( bi-polar) and always seem to be cool with everything then angry with people that he has supposedly already made up with. He is just dramatic and wants to stay connected to two big name artists like Drake and Rihanna. He is very much a super star in the urban world but he isn’t on her level specifically. ( sales, etc.) he needs to go away.

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        Exactly silence is golden Chris should try it

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        Chris sold more than Rihanna in first week and his album is better than hers. I like Rihanna too but I don’t like this album. I know she’ll put out a good album next time. I think she’s doing too much. This album sounds rushed and thrown together.

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        I like this album the best its mature. She is third in line for the most #1 hits he is not even close

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        That’s an opinion. For whatever reason , you like him more and that’s cool. Her latest album is amazing in my opinion. Her voice has become her greatest instrument , and the overall vibe of the album is just… Peaceful, serene, hard, real… It’s just awesome to me.

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        That’s a lie . Rihanna sold more abulms in the first week. Rihanna sold 400,000 and more. and Rihanna album tops number 1 In the first week. Chris brown albums sold less than 200,000 and he top number 3 in his first week. He also begged his fans to by his album in a disrespected way. Aldo Rihanna is not talking about Chris brown it was written for her. Chris brown is just a nasdarcist. Rihanna is the one who left Chris brown and never look back after she was on her diamonds tour and found out he was cheating and still messing with kae. That’s when he wrote the song I can’t win begging her to not leave. Also Chris brown latest album royalty is not one of his best work either. He is just doing what other r/&ab artist did before and borrowing they beats and words, That zero song was annoying as hell. His other songs are songs writing in a study with groupies, his yes boys who is stealing from him,and blood gangsters where it’s all about sex,drugs and violence and the subject manner is written poorly. His best album was fame and fortune. He took his time and was being his true self that it showed in his music. Chris brown needs to wake and stop this gangster mess.also Justin bebier current album is a 100% better than Chris brown royalty album.

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        Chris Brown Royalty sold more than a 1000 copies in a week.

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        Child stop. Rihanna’s new album ANTI Is number one on billboards top 200 albums…. Not just number one on the hip hop or r&b charts… But number one period… Since we’re giving out random music facts.

        “Work” shot straight to number one on iTunes in less than an hour…

        Soooo…….. ?

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      I see what u did there lol

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      Yes, Drake can’t stop mentioning him or his ex’s or being around his ex’s. Now Drake and his dad is around Karrueche. Now that’s a dead give away. Karrueche isn’t his type.