Chris Brown Responds To Karrueche & Rihanna “I Wish Them The Best”

Chris Brown has nothing negative to say about his ex-girlfriends Karrueche Tran or Rihanna.

The “Liquor” singer has finally broken his silence on a statement his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran made last month claiming that he is negatively impacting her career in Hollywood.

During her interview with BBC UK in October, Karrueche said that her past relationship with Chris Brown is making her life in Hollywood a lot more difficult because no one is taking her serious.

Chris Brown I Am Happy Without Karrueche Tran & Rihanna

“A lot of people think I am a weak individual because of past situations and when it comes to business sometimes people don’t want to be involved with somebody like that. Which is understandable, but it s*cks, because I’m not a weak person,” she said.

Speaking with Hot 97 radio host Nessa, Brown says that he has nothing bad to say about his ex-girlfriends whether it be Karrueche or Rihanna.

“I am going to be honest with you, if it did hinder anybody’s job, anything that I have done with anybody, I make my mistakes and I am totally in acceptance of any wrongs that I have done,” Chris Brown said. “But I just can only wish and hope for the best for that person and everybody else whoever I’ve messed up their lives or jobs or hinder, whatever the case may be… It’s just more blessings and success to them.”

Breezy also said that he has nothing negative to say about Rihanna despite she constantly saying negative things about him in the media.

The “Zero” singer also opened up about his daughter Royalty and his new album that he named after her.

He compared fatherhood to being in a roller coaster ride but also said that he is enjoying every bit of it.

Watch the full interview below.


  1. I love Chris. His new song “Back To Sleep” is soooo good!

  2. Chris has said negative things about Rihanna and Karrueche. All three of them have been on social media going back and forth bashing each other, but it’s been a few years now since Rihanna’s has said anything about him. In her recent interview she’s basically talking about HER experience in being in a relationship with Chris Brown and loving him and wanting to save him and help him. She also admitted that she still and always will love him. I don’t see anything wrong with that if she’s gotten past whatever happened in the past between them and is able to forgive him God bless her. I think most women as nurtures feel if we love someone more we can save them from themselves I’ve certainly been guilty of it. I wish all of them the best.

  3. I have not heard of Rihanna speaking ill of Chris Brown. She has always wished him the best, her latest interview where she finally acknowledged his existence was with vanity fair, where she said she had no type of relationship with him at all. How is that bad??