Young Thug – F**k Cancer ft. Quavo Lyrics

(Intro – Young Thug)
Ay f**k cancer, shout out to Boosie, real spit!
I f**k your main bi**h, I gave her cooties, Slime Season
Let’s get it

(Chorus – Young Thug)
Get it all, my ni**as, yeah they with it
Cause these pu**y ni**as hatin
They trying to knock me off my pimping
I’m a boss, I call the shots
I leave these pu**y ni**as missing
And I’m whipping like I’m gifted
You can catch me in the kitchen, hey
I don’t want no brown I want a syrup bottle
I put it down and then she started stalking
Pop all the perky, yeah a halftime
Little mamma pu**y soaking, yeah it’s bath time

(Verse 1 – Young Thug)
I put a nine inside a two liter
I’m a send her right back because I know you need her
Start about fake s**t, I shall call my people
Shout out to rasta ni**as, those my people
Pulled out my strap and use these hands, they evil
Tried to be loyal to these foreigns, but I am a cheater
Got a lot of followers, a perfect leader
I like it icy cause I’m not a G1
Babe make your booty roll
I got a lot of hundreds, I wanna see that tootsie roll
I got a lot of partners, Falcons like I’m Julio
We done got drunk inside this bi**h, I’m Don Julio
We tryna get wet from these bi**hes, so what you cruising for
My family depend on me, that’s who I do it for
Of course I do it for my bi**h and for my crew for sure
I do it for my jeweler, my ice off a f**king boat
You know the routine, little bi**h, I’m private
Little bi**h, I’m hot, like I’m a Taki
I knock it out, just like I’m Rocky
I got a bunch of wings surrounding my body

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Young Thug)
Ok it’s bath time, just like a birdie
I cop a foreign skrrt, I pull off skirting skrrt!
Bi**h is you worth it, you make me nervous
You rock them Chrome Hearts, you looking nerdy
This ain’t no fish and grits, but this that fishscale
I let little mama be, I keep her good and well
Bi**h I’m an OG, I don’t play that tattletale
By the time you dress me out, I’ma be in that Maybach
I smoke that cookie dough, I drink that Actavis
My life a video, I’ma let you caption it
Energizer Bunny, you see these carats ho
I’m Rey Mysterio, my life on HBO
They didn’t want me f**k none
Now they want to s**k some, and f**k some
YSL ain’t gonna cuff em, we f**k some
Then we go and do another one
Then we go and do another one, son
I got my gun, you better run, run, run
You know I got bread like a croissant, son
I get em stuck up for a honey bun, yeah, yeah

(Verse 3 – Quavo)
I put ice in all my watches, came in in Versace
Perky, gas, molly, trapping, we got plenty options
Her pu**y water like it’s bath time, she wishy washy
And she gon s**k and f**k me even when the feds watching
I don’t f**k with broke ni**as, nah we can’t relate
I put water on that white, bi**h I call her Ricki Lake
Lil mama she lost in the soft, she needa get hit with the pause
After I f**k her she run through the doors
And then I’m rejecting her calls
I threw a pack over the gate to my ni**as hiding in the wall
RIP Pistol, RIP Mike, I pour up the lean for y’all
Remember the days I trapped out the bando
I had a thousand dollars
You the same ni**a that said I wouldn’t make it
I put in a thousand hours

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Quavo)
Split a perc with me, little b*tch you know it’s halftime
She wetter than an ocean, yeah it’s bath time
Little b*tch gon bring me back some dollar signs
And I’ma let you ride her like a pathfinder