THE GAME – Do It to You ft. Trey Songz Lyrics

(Intro – The Game)
Cool and Dre

(Verse 1 – The Game)
We was f**king all night, she ain’t complain one time
Know that pu**y swole up, but she said that it was fine
So I dove in it
Right stroke, left stroke, d**k swole in it
No other d**k can fit, left a d**k mould in it
I make the pu**y say, Aah cause it’s no limit
Put my key in her garage, put the whole Rolls in it
Wraith, love the way you give a ni**a face
Love the way that bi**h say, Trey, Trey

(Chorus – Trey Songz)
You know I’m a cold ni**a
Pu**y got me high, but she keep it on the low, ni**a
Inspiration to the broke ni**as
Middle finger to the gold-diggers
Give it to her like, Aah
About my business, baby, bet I put your ass to work
Then once I hit it, baby, I’m a make that pu**y squirt
And I know your Trey bi**h, but it’s okay for me to flirt, let’s go

(Verse 2 – The Game)
Two cups, XO, one Wraith
Two seats, your face, my lap, baby
You gotta stay away from ni**as that be on
I just wanna f**k, then I pro’ly leave you lone
Get back to this pimp s**t that I’m on
Three bi**hes at a time, let em all blow my mind
And I’m a make that pu**y mine
I be staring at the pu**y like, Damn, that pu**y fine
I ain’t looking at your face til it’s running down your make-up

(Pre-hook – The Game)
I’m a do it to you, I’m a do it to you
Ass down, face up, I can’t be faithful, no, I can’t be loyal
If you looking for commitment, then this d**k ain’t for you
But you know for sure

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – The Game)
Plus I got more bi**hes than this ni**a do
More hoes than August and it’s only July
And why would dude lie? More hoes than Chris
More hoes than R. Kelly, I put that on my piss
And, no, it ain’t a diss if I ain’t talking bout Karrueche
I put this Roman candle all in your coochie
She acting bougie, but she ride it like a hoopty
And if you come around, you already know that

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)