Shauna Chin Sign New Record Deal To Drop Gully Bop Diss Song

Shauna Chin is moving on post her bitter split with Gully Bop with a new record deal.

Chin, who recently launched her own music career, has inked a new deal with U.S. based record label Diamonds Music Empire.

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“It’s a three-year deal but I can’t disclose the terms,” she said. “I just want to take my career to the next level and impact a wider audience with my music.”

Sources close to the singjay told Urban Islandz that she is already working on a response to Gully Bop new single “Delilah.”

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Shauna Chin is also not ruling out a reunion with Gully Bop says that she still would like to help his career.

The two split last week following allegations of assault and cheating.


  1. ELDAH "el chapo" SONG GANDAR

    She seh man a wicked but woman a Delilah……………….

    Natural ting Bop as long yuh nyam lobster same way nuh vex fi fix d teeth…


    • I know but not to pass judgement oh yes I am judging I would never pay any money to go watch him. I want to see some kind of eye candy not a scary man. I would not even attend his shows for free much less.


  4. She still want to help BOP with his career?what a fraud and arrogant career sabotage woman.Where is the shame that most woman have if caught,or their name is mention in nasty and dutty situations?A person must know when to move on,and be quite,and be seen and not heard.Not all ole deportees are like this leech of a person

  5. I spoke to her last week, she told me that he beat her for 8 months, is she for real and she still wants to help him? Sounds to me like she got what she wanted out of it all.

    • Pure foolery going on let,s see how far this will go.Not going to listen it though.

      • People do all kinds of things for money. The love of money kills. The man already have so call new woman and thay woman a taunt chin bout she a the new girl. Chin claim Bop was trying to kill her yet she hit him with a padlock. I was talking to her on instagram she sounds a little shady to me. But whatever to each his own. I ask her about his mouth she claim say she tried but he don’t want to get it done and he don’t listen.

      • Yep,everyone you talk to these days it could be your family,few friends or associates all they talk about is money or they want to get rich no want really wants to work hard for it.As to the new girl i saw a video of them and gully bop said every girl should have two man Joe grind and Joe bring the kind but i say he is the Joe bring the money come kind.Lol you not easy how you ask the girl about the man mouth.

      • Me no business I want to know I ask. If me have a man me say me love and him mouth stay like Bop he have to go dentist. Not only is it unhealthy it’s unprofessional as a person who a travel and a perform. Is not like say him don’t have the money to do it.