Jahmiel – Great Man Lyrics

Oh why when a great man rise
Dem waan si a great man fall
You see and knows it
Mi never do dem nothing at all

Oh why, oh why, oh why
You get a fight when you start try
No lie, no lie
Mi put mi trust in a the most high

(Verse 1)
Mentally they wanna break me down
But mi listen Jah, Jah, every sound
Cause am a king they wanna take the crown
Jah put my feat on solid ground
No dem nuh waan mi have the strength
Waan mi lose my confidence
Success never happen by accident
A learn man learn through past event

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Enemies come in a different forms
Sometimes a yo friend it could a be yo woman
Never see dem when nothing nuh gwaan
And all of a sudden dem a streatch out hand
In every way they wanna break you
In a Jah mi put mi faith
Done see seh you smile fake to
But Jah seh none can replace you

(Repeat Chorus)