Gunplay – Real Ni**as ft. Rick Ross Lyrics

(Intro – Rick Ross)
Ni**a told me Ricky Rozay, you not real my ni**a
I said but the carload full of ni**as that’ll
Show up at ya house, them ni**as real as f**k, huh?”
Hahaha..check me out ni**a

(Chorus – Rick Ross)
I got real ni**as that drank, real ni**as that smoke
I got real ni**as with bank, real ni**as who broke
I got real ni**as with OZs, real ni**as with bricks
Real ni**as who blow trees, real ni**as who sniff
Real ni**as who snort, real ni**as who won’t
Real ni**as who sip lean strapped up at fifteen
Real ni**as that gang bang, real ni**as that claim blood
Real ni**as that crip walk, show them boys the same love

(Verse 1)
I know real ni**as that snort mollys
Real ni**as that caught bodies
Real ni**as with no charges
Little jits with no consciousness
Real ni**as that’s rich and just wanna see you eat
And gonna front you a block a two and get you right back on your feet
Now that’s a real ni**a, I vouch that
A real ni**a gon bounce back
Lame ni**as gonna pump up
A real ni**a gonna house that
Pu*** ni**as be playing but my money ain’t no game
You play with that there
You don’t lay with that there change
I know real ni**as that bought trap
Buck wild, what now?
No space, no room, f**k ni**a move, watch out!
Real ni**a, that’s all I be
Real thief, that’s all I see
Real ratchet, that’s all I am
Steel rachet, that’s all I need

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I know a real ni**a named Gunplay
All he want is gunplay
I know real shooters know balling, no spalding, no pump fake
I got real ni**as that died cause a real ni**a got tried
Cause a real ni**a just don’t care, a real ni**a gonna ride
I got a real ni**a that’s sitting
I know f**k ni**as that told
I know real ni**as that didn’t
I’m a real ni**a that won’t
I got real ni**as I’d die for
Then dap in the life after
I got real ni**as that been real
And these ni**as ain’t rappers
I got real ni**as that’s masons
Real ni**as that’s Haitians
Real ni**as that’s Cuban
And some little ni**as that’s crazy
I got real ni**as in wheelchairs
Real ni**as we in here, Green ni**as they been scared
Real ni**a s**t thats this here

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I know real ni**as on the West Side, real ni**as on the East
Real ni**a downside to the Midwest street
I got a real ni**a named Peanut that ain’t really here to speak
I got a real ni**a named Kano, I know they gon set free
I’m a real ni**a that get high, get money and dont d**k ride
Real ni**as on our team, trill ni**as on this side
I got real ni**as that’s quiet, real ni**as that’s riot
I got real ni**as that sell dope, and hustlers that’s gonna buy it
Im a real ni**as 25/8
No khazer, I fly straight
Real ni**as don’t play that s**t, eject button that right away!
Real ni**as with M1’s real ni**as with 9
I got real ni**as with nickle bags and real ni**as with tons

(Repeat Chorus)