Big Sean – What A Year Lyrics

(Intro – Big Sean)
Like, whoa, whoa
Sean Don, whoa
Big boys

(Verse 1 – Big Sean)
Look, all I gotta say is what a year, what a year
I decided now that every year is our year
Aw yeah man, that’s til we disappear
I’m focused on the near and never what’s in the rear
Recently I swear man we’ve had so many accolades
I realized I ain’t sat down, not even on a Saturday
Yeah I’m going overtime, O.T like it’s TNT
In South America rocking Rio with RiRi
You know that’s, stadium status
When you started underground, you gotta make it to the attics
So I’m up in addict Focus, money is the only time I ADD
Going off more than ADT, making power moves like back, forward, punch, kick, A, B, B
Boy this sh*t ABC’s, shout out Detail, 7-11 we on the road
I’m on the sixth record off the album going gold
Last one woke they ass up like the morning show
Tryna make next year the greatest story ever told
Like, sh*t, goddamn, standing next to Jay and K, like man
Never took an L and I’m out there from where it’s hard to make it this far when you this tan
I’m saying I’m Lil B with the right wrist
I realized time make money, it’s priceless
So don’t gas me up b*tch, I’m a hybrid
I know you like it, I see the job’s done before I see my eyelids
It’s getting better every single day, that’s what they told me
And I already wasn’t f**king with the old me

(Chorus – Detail & Pharrell)
I hit the light switch
Woah, yeah
I feel like I hit the light switch, yeah
It’s like I took my family into a new crib
Then I hit the light switch
I took my whole life and then I hit the light switch, Aww yeah
So I’mma hop out and roll on em, Yeah
Hop out and roll on em
It’s like a fresh pair of dice but I’m rolling on they life
I’mma roll on em, Yeah, say what?
Hop out and roll on ’em
I got the light switch, light switch

(Verse 2 – Big Sean)
Look, what’s life without risk?
If you take none, that’s probably what you gonna get
This year I’m done with crazy hoes
If it’s one thing I hate it’s lazy hoes
Goddamn, if it’s two things I hate, it’s greedy hoes
One time for my girls that turn theyself into CEOs
Just know that you the finest
I like older girls that realize they got time left
I like young girls, but not girls young-minded
Ones that shine with you but they won’t get blinded
We just went around the world in twenty eight days
Shows selling more tickets than the matinees
Sold out everywhere, bad bi**h cheer
All I gotta say is what a year, what a year
Up late, two, three, tryna get the mic skills
Riding round ATL, shout out my bro Mike Will
Making sure the fam straight like they like they up in Mike will
Every Mike, Jordan, Tyson, Jackson
Need the, uh, Washingtons, Franklins, Jacksons
Got the crowd packed in, front in, back in
Like oh, please stop comparing me
You starting up a new whip? I’m starting up a charity
While you got new chains, my family out of debt ni**a
Yeah, respect last longer than a check ni**a
RIP for my ones who couldn’t see the day
I really wish they would have saw me get a VMA
I know my grandma ain’t here but it’s cool as long as I’m around she gon be here in my DNA
I went from broke to breaking records in the city where I live
While I was breaking that down, they broke into the crib
But they can’t break the dream shout to the ones I dreamed with
I ain’t rich til the whole team rich
It’s like

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Detail)
I got your bills
Pull out the Ville
You got the healing
You know you bad ass
I got the light switch
Baby you know, I got the light switch