Rapper Donkey Cartel Shot and Killed In Mall Shooting

Aspiring rapper Donkey Cartel was shot and killed by a police officer during a mall confrontation on Christmas Eve.

WSBTV reported that Cartel, whose real name is Daquan Antonio Westbrook, was shot at the Northlake Mall in North Carolina after pointing a gun at an off duty police officer.

Donkey Cartel was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Five guys started fighting, two of them ran out of the store when the third guy came out of the store he pulled out a gun,” one eye witness said. “Officer stepped up, said put your gun down, he turned around and opened fire.”

Sources say the shooting was in retaliation to another shooting at the same mall on Thanksgiving where Donkey Cartel’s brother was shot and injured.

The up-and-coming rapper had a lengthy criminal record prior to his death that includes 11 arrest including one for shooting a 12-year-old boy.

His music career includes two mixtapes including one titled Convicted Felon With a Weapon. He was popular in the North Carlina hip hop scene.


  1. Good riddance. He deserved the death that he had. The world is better off without this trash.

  2. This was bound to happen but for some reason folks want to act so surprised.

  3. LoL one Less child shooting gangster off the street who cares

  4. They will never learn. Life of crime, guns, drugs,gangs It’s all too common You will end up either dead or in jail or jail and dead. There is no retirement plan, no stock options nothing but a coffin or jail cell No need for all the RIP tweets and we miss you BS It’s a hazard of life in the game.

    • Lisa , Just try to be kinder – no matter what they do or represent , they are someone’s loved one . Have compassion ?

      • What I said is the TRUTH. I’m not about to 2 step and act like it’s not real out here. If your a innocent victim cool. But posing with guns all your lyrics speak on killing etc.. Really? I respect what you say but I work around death everyday No need to sugar coat it I wish death on no one. However it’s a choice to get in the game . He played and he lost

  5. The fact that someone with a lengthy criminal record ‘was popular in the North Carolina hip hop scene’ is a sad commentary on the North Carolina hip hop scene. This man advocated murder and violence on his Twitter account. This man routinely engaged in criminal activity. This man pointed a gun at a cop in a shopping mall full of innocent people. This man was no role model and had no reason to be popular. The world is a better place now that he is gone.

    • While I agree with you that he was no role model in any way, I do not celebrate his death. These kinds of situations are always unfortunate, disappointing and hurtful. I don’t know this young man’s life, but I do sympathize with his family. The world is not a better place now that he is gone. I just wish that he could have been a better person while he was here. I wish that for all of my fellow brothers and sisters. Maybe the world will now be a better place when the “affluenza teen” serves some time away. There still has to be justice for the lives HE took. Just sayin…

      • What does the “affluenza teen” have to do with this? Just saying….

      • Regrettably, wishing someone would have been a better person does not make it happen. Our families need to MAKE our children better people and actually be PARENTS. Once we make up our minds to be good parents, our children will be good people and only then will this tragic cycle of criminality and death be broken. The hip hop scene is a MUSIC scene; it needs to remain a music scene and stop being a scene for criminal activity. Celebrating criminals in hip hop only plays into the stereotypes of hip hop and those who enjoy it.