Dexta Daps – Love The Money Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Is like you never did appreciate this
Now it look like you did just a f**k the latest man
Weh did look like seh him a go get rich
You just prove yo self to be another fake bi**h
And a nuh like mi tell you seh mi love you till death
You did know wi just a f**k but mi did show you respect
And nuh act like you nuh know me and mi woman still de
If shi know wi still a f**k shi kill wi

You nuh love me
You love the money
You nuh know me

You nuh love me
You love the next money man
Weh seh a you a the money

You nuh love me
You nuh know me

You nuh love me
You love Chi Ching, Ding Dong, Shelly Belly and Omi

(Verse 2)
Baby mi not even a go meck the sada
If mi see you deh pon the main
Mi a go tek the corner
Caw you a pu**y hole and mi cyaa tek the drama
Caw you love the doctor man and you nuh left the former
Sorry fi the man weh seh him love da gyal yah
Fi her loving come wid butter pon that
She seh you cut up whe shi cut you pon that
Then shi left you deh fi suffer pon that

(Repeat Chorus)