Chris Brown – Little Bit Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shawty, swing my way, put that ass all in my face
Round and round above my head, swing that ass and shake a lil
Baby you’ve been on that pole too long, too long
And girl I’m tryna take you home

(Pre Chorus)
I ain’t tryna play with it, if you want it come get it
It ain’t nobody business what I’m bout to do with it
Can I leave with you girl? I won’t waste your time
Girl I gotta tell you what’s been on my mind

Can we take it in a little bit?
Don’t be shy, just a little bit
Sex and Hennessey, get you wet just a little bit
You ain’t gotta stay the night, you can leave in a little bit, little bit, little bit, little bit

(Verse 2)
I hope you well rested now cause I’mma eat it up, make sure you work that mouth
Girl I heard you got the best head, you know my girl’s locked up
We gon turn this party up at her best friend’s house, everybody got me tipping
She told me that she got a twin and I just wanna put the tip in a little bit

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

Oh baby, scream my name, put that pu**y in my face
Wrap your legs around my head, swing that ass like a chandelier
Baby you’ve been all alone too long, too long
Baby girl I gotta bring you home

(Repeat Chorus)