Wiz Khalifa – No Worries ft. Chevy Woods Lyrics

(Chorus – Wiz Khalifa)
This the life we chose, money, cars, and clothes
Taking trips to different places, living like we supposed to
I’ve been on the road, she outta control
Ni**as say they getting cake but they ain’t even close
I’m just focused on what I’m getting
I ain’t worried about what I don’t got
I’m just focused on what I’m getting
I ain’t worried about what I don’t got

(Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa)
Top spot, catch me at the top spot
Wouldn’t have made it where I’m at if I didn’t know a lot
Progress helped me grow a lot
Hit my money, show a lot
Roll my weed up, smoke a lot
Pulled new cars off the parking lot
And old ones too
Show love, that’s what real ones do
Get my cake long and stay strong
Put my ni**as on too
My whips so foreign
My team balling, my bi**h bad, she keep calling
Them ni**as talk? We got heat for em
Been in the game, don’t sleep on em
Hundred K, that’s cheap for em
What you spend that in a week for?
What you still tryna keep it for?
She was mine, you just think she yours
Chauffeur, I don’t open doors
Fly private, know the pilot
On my s**t, ni**a I’m lit
Got your bi**h on my d**k
That’s Taylor Gang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Chevy Woods)
I seen it all before, I seen it all before
I gave it to her once and now she wanting more
Ain’t here for all the talk cause I’m just tryna score
That paper piling up, that’s what they hate me for
I’m on that boss s**t, that boss s**t
Chasing money like f**k the talking
That ain’t a topic, hit your top and
That’s a problem, gon need a medic or a doctor
Gon call em, that’s just the options
You talking like you on molly, someone stop him
They plotting like we should rob em
They want my riches man
I’m wealthy and them ni**as sorry
Ain’t got no bi**hes
Just watch me pull up in Raris
Hitting switches

(Repeat Chorus)