Pusha T – M.F.T.R. ft. The-Dream Lyrics

(Chorus – The Dream)
Creep up on these ni**as
Creep up on these ni**as
Speak up on these ni**as
Speak up on a ni**a
Walk up in that bi**h and wave at everything
Walk up in that bi**h and wave at everything
Go and make it bang, go and make it bang
Getting followed by them hollows, go and make it bang
Ni**as ain’t been to church in a minute
But it’s funny how that TEC make a ni**a get religious

(Verse 1 – Pusha T)
You rather be more famous than rich
Play your role, it’s easy acting like Mitch
Paid In Full was more than reading a script
Paid in full is really just being Rich Porter
Filling all standing orders
Would you question could I swim if you saw me walking on water?
Yeah, while every song got a rapper dance
Yuugh, I’m drug money like Dapper Dan
No retirement plans, no Derek Jeters
We all know I did it; Rodriguez
The illusion of money we don’t believe in
You ask me, Tyga looking like a genius
I’m Kim Jong of the crack song
Gil Scott Heron to the black poem
Woo, the revolution will be televised
Cause we done see all and they telling lies

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Pusha T)
You rather be more famous than rich
Play your role, it’s easy being my bi**h
It’s only right for a queen to floss your s**t
Rolex crowns, I emboss your wrist
The minimums, ni**as ain’t synonyms
Dual exhausts, driving flying saucers
Diamond crosses, hang Takashi portraits
Street millionaires rub shoulders
And laugh at b*tches f**king promoters
Hoping that they get noticed, still driving a Focus
What you f**k him for if you didn’t know what the goal was?
Shine, remote control blinds
That turn on the time lapse, controlled by the iPad
Ahhh, my living room rap scream crack money
I don’t trust rap ni**as or rap money
See this air hole tech and get ratttt from me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Pusha T)
Ni**as talking it, but ain’t living it
Two years later admitting it, all them ni**as is renting s**t
They ask why I’m still talking dope, why not?
The biggest rappers in the game broke, voila
They say it’s hate, but it’s these well dressed snakes
That learn to walk on the concrete, I just saw it and spoke to it
Yuugh, you ain’t know, you got coached through it
Wooo, the rap fans got hoaxed through it
Haaa, the whole time I sold coke through it
Ni**a, and records I was Bo through it
King Push is synonymous with kingpin
Chess moves on your checkerboard, king him
Yeah, this is gun slingers and Goyard
Uh, this is O Dog in the courtyard
You wonder why I’m still here
I’m America’s worst nightmare
Night, night ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

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