Junior Reid Diss The Game Says He Never Working With Him Again

Junior Reid helped gave The Game one of the biggest songs of his career “It’s Okay (One Blood).”

The two collaborated i=on the track back in 2006 when The Game career was struggling but these two there are a lot of bad blood between Game and Reid.

Junior Reid Pulled Gun Assault DJ For Not Playing His Song

Speaking with The Breakfast Club recently, Junior Reid says that he and the “Compton” rapper fallout over a tour that went bad.

“Working with Game was a good vibe going in and sharing the love,” the reggae legend said. “But at the same time the strength that we gave Game I am disappointed in him because we didn’t get any love comparing to the type of love that we showed him.”

Junior Reid says that he supported The Game throughout all the promotional events for the single and his album but when it came time for the rapper to return the favor he was a no show.

“A promoter came to Jamaica and set up a tour with myself and The Game, but after the first show the promoter said to me that Game says that he is not going to perform if I am performing,” he said.

Watch the interview below.