Junior Reid Pulled Gun Assault DJ For Not Playing His Song

Junior Reid could be facing some legal troubles after assaulting a sound system selector/disc jockey for not playing his music.

Sources told us that Reid and his entourage turned up at a dancehall session where DJ Wessy Wessy was playing and asked him to play one of his new songs.

The DJ refused to play the song and that resulted in a heated argument between himself and the veteran reggae singer. Sources say Junior Reid pulled a gun and assaulted the disc jockey before leaving the venue.

It’s unclear if a police report was filed but Wessy released a voicenote calling Junior Reid an extinct artist who need to cut his locks.

“Somebody will find you and cut your locks,” he said. “I don’t owe you an favours. Your an extinct artiste who need to retire.”


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    • Yuh nuh know Jr Reid… None the less, such selectors are very disrespectful. It is okay not to play the man’s music. However, to say that the man is old, that he needs to retire is asinine and that seems to be the running theme of today’s youths.

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      Right before the aforementioned lyrics, Jr Reid solicited the youths to put down there guns and now here it is, he is being accused of using a gun…