Chris Brown Gave Domestic Violence Victims New Car And Toys

Chris Brown is giving back and it is being recognized far and wide. The R&B singer surprised a domestic violence victim with a new car and gave her kids some toys.

On Saturday Chris Brown visited Boys and Girls Club in Hollywood and gave Jessica Roncalli and her kids a special treat. The “Zero” singer gave her a brand-new Honda SUV, as well as, treating her kids with some new toys.

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Brown took to his Instagram she is thoughts on his charitable deeds.

“I’ve been very fortunate and blessed with so much in my life and I always thought that it was supposed to be that way,” said Chris Brown. “I was selfish, arrogant, and cold hearted. I’m able to bless and inspire so many others and I realize that now. This woman has delt with domestic abuse through her life and her 3 wonderful children had to experience that. I see myself when I looked into their eyes. The amount of strength this woman has is remarkable. I hope I could make their Christmas a great one. I hope the kids love all the toys and things I got for them. And for moms. I hope I could put a smile on this family’s face.”

Chris Brown has been feeling extra kind this holiday season. Over the Thanksgiving holiday he gave away 2,000 turkeys to families in Queens New York.

Breezy’s new album ROYALTY is due for release on December 18th.


  1. Chris brown I am seeing exactly what you are doing this is just promotion for his album. He has to let people see that he has change so he is giving a car to a domestic violence woman, giving turkey out, but in al reality that is not something hard for Chris brown to do which given to people in public after all he take care of leeches and blood gangsters. He wants his album to sell a large amount and he also would like to be able to tour in Canada, the UK and Australia. But in reality if his album sell off and have the numbers like Adele the naccassistic Chris brown will be back. If Chris brown apologize to Rihanna for not only The 2009 incident but for the ways he treated her after she dump him in April 2013. If he apologize and treat Rihanna as the queen he was suppose to treat her the second time around. Rihanna was the only one who wanted the best for him. But Chris brown has not change because he still have these leeches on his team and he is buying them rings. He has not change he is still a follower.also he cannot be by himself. Any man who always needs a human being around them 24 hours seven days a week has a problem.human beings should want to spend time alone. It allows you to meditate on your God your day,life,friends, enemies,mistakes. So you donot make the same mistake over.

  2. ironic, but good move chris, continue the great works; ur efforts aren’t in vain. u really a try