VIDEO: Vybz Kartel – Si Dwn

Vybz Kartel team just release the lyric video for his new single “Si Dwn.” The track was produced by Anju Blaxx for UIM and Adidjahiem Records. RD Studios is responsible for the video production.

Kartel has been busy behind bars running his empire and dropping a consistent supply of new music making him still one of the hottest artists in dancehall.

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The incarcerated deejay is currently working on a new album due early next year. This year he saw huge success with his latest project VIKING: Vybz Is King.

Watch the video below.


  1. Why bother releasing these songs when he cannot enjoy what’s left of his success or the money? I wouldn’t waste my time I would find another hobby. We all know most the profits will go to the victims estates and for lawyer fees. His lawyers did a horrible job so why bother keep paying them.

  2. How does the writer of this article define success–especially as it relates to VIKING: Vybz Is King?

  3. Reggae/dancehall music don’t sell enough to make sense and 99% of Youtube postings are either too fragmented or do not generate enough views to make real monetary sense for an artiste.

    I honestly don’t understand the motivation behind flooding the market with this much music. They need to take a page out of Jah Cure’s book. Saturaturation is very bad for all business…

    Traditionally, reggae and dancehall artistes have to tour to make money; hence, I know–being pragmatic here–that Kartel won’t be making much if anything off his many releases. This is not a function of “badmind” at all, we are being pragmatic here. Plus, a lot of these songs are sounding the same and I will say it again, saturation is very bad for any business.

  4. It’s starting to look like Kartel just releasing music for style. Does he get paid per YouTube clicks? Wtf

    • That’s what you are praying for. Yuh too badmind. Not one track the man put out since his incarceration is even close to garbage. So how do you tank your career by putting out too much music? How do you tank your career when you’re doing life in prison?

      • If he’s allowed to record in prison, he’s probably going to be recording to pass the time so the energy that’s put into it isn’t going to be the same as if he was free. He’ll “tank” his career by releasing music for style(because he can and his fans will eat anything up including this garbage). He should have enough pride and respect for what’s left of his career to release quality music not garbage to remain relevant.

      • If I’m a fan I wouldn’t mind hearing a new tune everyday. Drop two a day, if mi like them mi listen again.

      • Why don’t you revisit his old songs? Two tunes everyday, really? What part of the dude’s in prison are you not getting? You expect everything to be business as usual when he’s in prison?

      • Well I already stated, as of right now kartel business career is over. He is doing LIFE in prison. So if he had a thousand prerecord tunes and they put out ten a day till them run out then what is the issue. Business won’t ever be as usual. You comprehend now?

      • Lol I was using “business as usual” as a metaphor. I meant like when you’re in jail and you have idiots exploiting your sh-t. The “issue” is he’s in prison while they’re releasing garbage that should’ve been left in some vault never to be heard. 10 songs a day until there’s no more music? And what’s going to happen if he doesn’t get out of prison and you can’t get your new music?

      • Then he gets back to “business as usual” if he gets out. But right now his “garbage” a lead in the genre, so let’s move on now.

      • That’s fine but I love how you didn’t answer the part about him possibly not getting out. *sarcasm* What good is “leading the genre” when the dude is stuck at level 5?Talking about dude should release 10 songs a day.

      • If it’s 20 song a day u still don’t have to listen. Why you so concerned. The man said he stains up the charts and reign every day. And it’s nothing new, he’s been doin that since his free days. and why are trying to make argument? If you aren’t a fan then move on, simple

      • You’re not a fan– you’re a problem. Lol These vultures are busy tarnishing the dude’s legacy while you’re busy exalting mediocrity. You think its fair for the other dancehall artist to go toe to toe with a half-assed Kartel? I don’t have to like every garbage song to be a fan. This is starting to look pathetic as hell.

      • and it bothers you why? You are benefiting how? Reread what you write, it sounds retarded. Do I “think it’s fair for the other dancehall artist”? who writes that? Your husband think it’s fair you are up kartels rear?

      • You’re a real sweetheart. Lol There’s nothing “retarded” about what I wrote Mr. 10 songs a day. Music isn’t a good substitute for food. good night ?

      • You just want the last words huh? If the man want 20 songs drop in a day so what. Even 30 or 40. 50 60. Go lay down n Dream se yu a si down pon it.

    • I was going to say the same thing.

      • Is any of this post prison music available for purchase on ITunes or Amazon? How does one do anything apart from download his music for free from YouTube? I’m sure a lot of these so called fans are doing just that. I’d like to know how this machine works who pays the producers, directors, etc.?