Versatile Ft Wally British – Love Zone Lyrics

Shi waan the sex
A f**k shi get

Mi waan mi sex
Nuh meck mi vex

(Verse 1)
Big c**key up in a yo hole
Seh you waan love in a yo soul
Touch you more, you a bwal and a scream
Seh it hot, it never cold
Bwoy come in a mi yard
Drive in a mi garage
One touch and you get hard
Pu**y wet nuh bother pause
Bwoy tek off mi draws

Gyal weh mi waan you fi do
Wine pon the c**key to
Ride pon the c**key
Gyal climb pon the c**key
Get wild pon the c**key to

Bwoy weh mi waan you fi do
F**k out mi pu**y to
Rub oil paw mi body
Tek time wid mi body
Meck style paw mi body to

(Verse 2)
Position good fi da ling ride yah
Mi f**k you nough but a me you cyaa
Skin out gyal, spread yo legs wider
To how yo pu**y good mi naw medz no head neither

The c**key big but mi naw run from it
Mi wi tek from you everyday like tonic
Sink it up in a mi like Titanic
Meck mi bum pon it like hydraulic

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Shi scream out and mi sink it deep
Shi call mi the grim reaper
Shi come fast like a cheater
Meck noise like a speaker
Shi wet suh shi weaker
F**k mi hard a that mi a feature
You know how ling mi a bleach fa
Now mi get it mi naw leave yah
It hotter than a fever
No c**key couldn’t sweeter

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)