Rick Ross – Crocodile Python Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Closest ones to me want to see me in a box
Is it jealousy or am I cursed by the gods
My son’s mother don’t know when or where to start
All the years that I known her, trick never had a job
Unemployed that’ll get a b*tch depressed
But unlike them other boys she watched me kill em with finesse
I took a turn pu**y boy pick up a book and learn
Have your ass in a church before I end the verse
Rims on the whip got it looking hypnotic
Stuffing money in my pockets as you ni**as watching
Crocodile python all my ice on
And ain’t nobody f**king with me while the mics on
She so ecstatic when I f**k her with the lights on
I feel the same when my ni**as send the kites home, damn

Why they want to stick me for my paper
They want the deeds to my fruit of labor
Every time I turn around
Lawsuits put a lean on a king crown
Ten million was the last check
Devil on the deal, the ni**a death in debt
They want to own every thing I own
They sends drones to survey my home
Suits designed to protect my wealth
Bloody Glock 40 to protect myself

(Verse 2)
Cubans on my neck looking like a python
On the couches I’m the one they got their eyes on
Skip your name know they want to know your tax bracket
Tell em that you with me and the pu**y’s automatic
I paid dues in these streets
I gave so much I got nothing to lose in these streets
Family asked me am I in Illumanti
Beat twenty cases like John Gotti
White man fear a ni**a with a free mind
And if you disagree tell him that he can free mine
Took my Rolex and gave me an ankle monitor
So many angles these haters’ll start popping up
Renounced my citizen and move to Singapore
Couple tax breaks all accounts offshore

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
She fell in love with the flow, such a beautiful stroke
Fascinated allegation kilo grams of that coke
Roll with 25 and never knew his social number
Mac 11 for that Gucci belt to go up under
Black man’s pride, see it in my eyes
Fayette county prosecutor want to take a ni**a house
So much disdain for the police
Clan rally ni**as swing from them old trees
Wood wheel in the Wraith and the skinny ties
Crocodile python seats and the carbon fiber
Hot boy stash box and the gas tank
Man of leisure to the top I took the staircase

(Repeat Chorus)