Kalado – Da Mac Yah Lyrics

Mi fire ball in a chest plate
Gone wid yo chest plate
You get f**k
Spain Town, mobay

Da mac yah nuh laptop hi nuh
Sound it a sound
Dog a go….
Hound it a hound
Somebody haffi drop hi nuh
Pound fi a pound
Bwou swim in a dem blood hi nuh
Drown him a drown

Mac wid the app hi nuh
Count the amount
Strapping’s like when a body found in a town
Body mi send a morgue a nuh mouth mi have out
Matic in a gear loaded round fi a round

(Verse 1)
Like Jet-Li and a nuh body guard
Easily bullet deal wid yo body hard
Pull out and ask weh you live
A nuh nothing fi mi kill you
Meck dem rent mi a room down a
When you hear cuff, coff, connect
Somebody haffi do the spring, connect
You know before this a knock a death
Dead question fi the answer, correct

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And meck a bright man see him dead sign and cyaa read
Mongrel dogs wid the pit bull in a the breed
Foggy a the topic that a ralk bout league
Object bingo, mussi him sister dutty bloodclaat
Scorpion slow down any speed
Dem zombie gun yah, in a yo flesh dem a feed
Bullet a bleach paw yo face like cream weh you need
Kill out you family, murder yo bloodclaat dog

(Repeat Chorus)